Finding the Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Arizona

There was a time not too long ago, when Medicare Supplemental plans were hard to choose. Information about these plans you could only obtain by talking to a licensed insurance agent. Even then it was a bit skeptical as they were usually just trying to sell you what they wanted. Times have changed and more companies are now selling this special Medicare Insurance. Since these companies are competing with one and another, they are trying to win you over with customer service, better rates and even recommending a supplemental plan that fits the customer’s budget / healthcare needs.

At we listen to the customer’s needs and recommend a plan that fits in their budget. In order to do this here are some tips to get you started.

  • Figure out what you are paying for healthcare right now.

This includes doctor’s visits, hospital visits, etc really anything health care related you want to write down to calculate how much money you are spending. You can do this for last year, and some people even go another year back. Keep in mind you also want some “wiggle room”. The wiggle room is for those unexpected sick days.

  • Research, research and more research

If you have time, make sure you do your research before calling a representative. This will give you an advantage when you do decide to call a company. You don’t have to go too in depth, but just enough to know so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Arizona Supplemental Insurance Basics

If you don’t have a lot of time here is a basic run down on supplemental insurance. Arizona has 10 different supplemental insurance plans. Each of these plans has different tiers of coverage and premiums. For a Supplemental insurance chart view our Arizona Medicare Supplemental page. Now each company will have the same plans and same coverage, but the premiums will be different. Premiums are based off of a few factors including…

  • Location
  • Age
  • Tobacco use
  • The plan you choose
  • When you enroll
  • Gender

For more research a great place to find reliable information on Supplemental Insurance is After you have some basic knowledge on the topic, we recommend you start calling insurance agents. If you don’t have time to call, you can also go to our free Medicare supplemental insurance quote tool.

Learn more about Arizona Medicare Supplemental Insurance rates, plans, and more at  Our Arizona Medicare Supplemental Insurance brokers will help you compare Medicare Supplemental Insurance rates and plans in Arizona.  To talk to an expert in Arizona Medicare coverage toll free 877-202-9248 today!

Looking to Buy Medicare Supplemental Insurance In Arizona

To purchase Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans in Arizona, you need to qualify for Part A and B of Medicare. Most of you will plan to enroll in both parts of Original Medicare around your 65th birthday. This is an ideal time to consider enhancing your hard earned benefits with a Arizona Medicare supplement insurance plan. Some companies will even allow you to apply a few months early. This is to be certain you have health coverage in place when you turn 65.

Original Medicare Parts A and B

Some people are not sure on when they get parts A and B and that’s okay, we are here to help. You can always check out for that information. But, usually there are two ways to obtain these plans. The 1st one is you automatically get it. The other option is you have to sign up for it. It all depends if you are getting social security benefits. If you are not sure chances are you will have to sign up for it.

When to start looking at Arizona Medicare

You should start looking at AZ Medicare usually a few months before you turn 65. You want to know your options so when you turn 65, you can get the coverage you need and want. However, you have a 7 months to decide on a plan. 3 months before your 65th birthday, the month of your birthday and 3 months after that. So you are in no rush, but just a warning they do charge a late enrollment penalty.

Missed Medicare enrollment on your birthday?

If you didn’t get a chance to sign up on your birthday no worries! You can always sign up between January 1 through March 31. Keep in mind you will more than likely be charged a few or a higher premium.

I have Medicare Part A and B, now what?

You should know or have already heard that these two parts don’t always cover everything. That’s why private insurance companies sell a “Medicare Supplemental Insurance” commonly known as Medigap. Yes, this type of insurance has many names; we even call it Medsup (short for Medicare Supplemental). You can view our Medicare Medigap guide for more information. Don’t be scared away when we say private insurance companies. These plans are still regulated by the federal government.

Private Insurance Companies?

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Priority Health, United Healthcare (AARP), Humana all sell this type of insurance. There are even more companies these are just a few popular ones. We have access to these companies and even more to get you the best Medicare Supplemental Insurance rates! Remember when we said these plan are regulated by the government? Keep in mind that the pricing or premiums are different. Each company will sell the same plans, but the prices will be different! That is why we look over different companies, and is how we get you a great Medigap rate.

More information about Arizona Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans

The internet is full of information; sometimes this information is not correct. In order to best serve you in researching these supplemental plans, we recommend you call us! We are licensed to sell Arizona Medigap plans. That’s right, one think to keep in mind is these companies need to be licensed to sell in certain states like Michigan, Tennessee, Arizona, and Arizona. You can also visit these reliable sites.

As always you’re more than welcome to call us. We can recommend a plan that fits your health care and budget. We can answer any questions you might have on Medicare or Supplemental Insurance policies in Arizona. Call toll free at 877-202-9248!

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Easiest way to Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Arizona!

There are ten different Arizona health insurance plans, and finding the one for your needs can be difficult. With it doesn’t have to be. In order for you to make the best decision on what plan to get you need to know the basics. This can take a lot of time to research. If you are not up to this, you can always call us! We are very knowledgeable in everything Medicare. We can help recommend a plan that suits your needs. If you want to do your own research please keep reading! Here are some pointers on selecting an Arizona Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan.

Understanding the Basics of Supplemental Insurance

First, you should understand what supplemental health insurance is. This type of insurance is a must for everyone that has Original Medicare Part A and Part B. It shields you against gaps in Medicare coverage, and the high cost of treatments, hospitalization, and even prescription drugs (If you chose Medicare plan D). When you have supplemental health insurance, your insurance provider pays the medical costs you may incur when you’re sick or injured. In 2015 there were almost 12 million Americans enrolled in Medigap!

Researching Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Now that you understand that supplemental insurance takes care of the original Medicare gaps, let’s dive into researching. Medicare has a lot of different parts that you need to understand before buying into it. You can find valuable information in this Medicare guide. You can also check out the government’s site at Also you can view this Senior Health Medicare YouTube channel for quality information.

Finding a supplemental plan that works for you

Supplemental plans are all the same from company to company, but each company offers different prices. That’s why it is important to talk to a few different companies to get the best supplemental rates. Some brokers like us shop many different insurance companies to get the best Medigap plan rates. A great way to find the right plan for you is to call us. We ask you simple questions that allow us to recommend a plan for you.

Learn more about Arizona Medicare Supplemental Insurance rates, plans, and more at Our Arizona Medicare Supplemental Insurance brokers will help you compare Medicare Supplemental Insurance rates and plans in Arizona.  To talk to an expert in Arizona Medicare coverage toll free 877-202-9248 today!

Shopping For Medicare Plans in Arizona

Many Arizona seniors approaching their sixty fifth birthdays that are enrolling in Medicare are searching for the best Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans.  In today’s crowded Arizona Medicare market, enrollees have many choices when it comes to supplemental plans and insurance companies to purchase coverage from.  The correct choice is different for each person depending on their health objectives and economic realities.

Know Your Options In Medicare

Looking at the big picture seniors have a few options in Medicare.  The first is to enroll in Original Medicare and purchase one of ten standardized Medicare Supplemental Policies.  The second is to enroll in a good Medicare Advantage Plan.  Either choice can be a sound choice depending upon your personal health care needs.  For now let’s look at some important factors to consider when shopping for Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in Arizona.

Before you can begin shopping for affordable supplemental health insurance in Arizona you should understand the process and plans that are available.  Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans are purchased by private insurance companies that the government has chosen to sell the standardized plans.  These private insurance companies can choose to offer these plans at a rate that they specify however each plan is the exact same.  This is why it is important for enrollees to shop and compare Medicare Supplement Insurance before settling on a plan and company to purchase it from.

Insurance Companies Have The Choice

Insurance companies decide which policies they will sell.  Companies that do decide to sell Medicare Supplemental Policies:

  • Don’t have to offer every plan
  • Must offer Medicare Part A if they are going to sell Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans
  • If they offer any plans they must also offer Medicare Plan C or Plan F

When You are Enrolled In Medicare

Enrollees in Medicare and a supplemental plan can go to any doctor or provider in Arizona that accepts Medicare.  Here is some essential information to know when enrolling in government sponsored health insurance plans:

  • Enrollees need to be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B in order to purchase a Supplemental Plan
  • Enrollees in a Medicare Advantage Plan can apply for Supplemental Insurance however you must leave the Advantage Plan before the Supplemental Plan begins
  • Private insurers are paid a monthly premium for the Supplemental Plan in addition to the premium they pay for Medicare Part B
  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance only covers one participant. If a married couple has Medicare Insurance they must both have separate coverage
  • Supplemental Insurance can be purchase from any insurance company that is licensed to sell insurance in Arizona


Learn more about Arizona Medicare Supplemental Insurance rates, plans, and more at  Our Arizona Medicare Supplemental Insurance brokers will help you compare Medicare Supplemental Insurance rates and plans in Arizona.  To talk to an expert in Arizona Medicare coverage toll free 877-202-9248 today!

What you need to know about Arizona Supplemental Health Insurance

In Arizona, as in most states, insurance companies can only sell “standardized” Medigap policies. Most states do this because they like to have an easily regulated system. While each of the plans does have their own metrics and has stipulations that allow only some people to qualify. These stipulations and plans are consistent for all seniors throughout the United States. These policies are identified by letters (Medigap Plans A through N). It is important to note that the pricing on each of these plans differs depending on your age and location. Medigap plan F offers a high-deductible option. The benefits in any Medigap plan A through N are the same for any insurance company.

What is a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan?

A Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan in Arizona covers some of the costs not paid for by original Medicare (Part A and Part B). These costs might include copayments, deductibles, and other out of pocket expenses. A Medicare supplement insurance plan also referred to as a Medigap plan, is designed to work with original Medicare to cover some of these expenses.

Some Medicare Supplemental insurance plans in Arizona might also offer coverage not included with original Medicare, such as coverage in foreign countries or coinsurance for hospice care. Medigap plans do not include prescription drugs in their coverage. If you are interested in adding prescription drug coverage to your plan, you might want to consider enrolling in a Medicare part D prescription drug plan or a Medicare advantage plan.

Choices in Medicare supplement insurance plan in Arizona

There are 10 different Medicare supplemental insurance plans available in most states. Each plan type is designated with a letter of the alphabet. Plans are standardized by Medicare so that every plan that falls under a specific letter type will offer identical coverage.

For example, a plan A will include the exact same coverage no matter what company is offering the plan. Cost of the plan may vary from company to company and country to country within the state. In addition, a plan C or F will differ from a plan A in terms of both coverage and costs.

Selecting Medicare Supplemental insurance plans in Arizona

Not every Medigap plan may be available from every insurance company providing Medicare Supplement insurance plans in the state. In, addition, the monthly premiums may result in higher out of pocket expenses for medical services, so consider both variables when comparing the overall cost of the plan.

If you are interested in a supplemental insurance plan in Arizona, it is helpful to become familiar with the different plan types so that you can choose the best plan type for your specific needs. Once a plan type is selected, you can compare plans between various companies to find the one that fits within your budgetary guidelines. Keep in mind that costs will also vary from country to country within the state. This means Plan A in Shelby County might have a different premium than the same plan in Montgomery County.

Medicare supplemental health insurance can be quite the task to research and figure out all the different parts. We have made this simple, just call us at 877-202-9248 and we can recommend a plan that covers your needs while keeping it in your budget. You can also visit our website at 



A Medicare Supplement Insurance plan in Arizona is designed to assist you in the payment of some health care costs that are not covered by Original Medicare such as coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles. Unlike Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in Arizona are meant to supplement Original Medicare and not stand alone. For those who desire to get stand-alone Medicare coverage other than Original Medicare, they may already have been considering taking advantage of a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Plans Available through the States

Beneficiaries of Arizona Medicare Supplement Insurance plans may select from a variety of available plans which are classified using a letter, with 10 letters (A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N) in all and same applies to all 47 states. Medicare plans with the same lettered patterns offer the same medical coverage and benefits. While medical coverage may include traveling outside of the country, other additional benefits such as dental, vision, and hearing are not generally included.

Open Enrollment Period

Medicare beneficiaries may choose to enroll in a Medigap plan in Arizona during the Medigap Open Enrollment Period which lasts for six months. During this enrollment period, companies cannot deny medical coverage or charge higher premiums to Medicare beneficiaries as a result of pre-existing health conditions. It is still possible to enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan after the Medigap Open Enrollment Period; however, there would no longer be protections for pre-existing health conditions.

Varying Premiums

Although Medicare plan coverage in Arizona may be similar, the costs for the Medicare plans may vary. Factors that some companies take into account which could lead to varying costs of plans include health, age, smoking status, and gender. Some Medicare Insurance companies offer a discount if a married couple has the same carrier. Others offer a discount for Medicare beneficiaries who choose to key into Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) in order to have premiums directly withdrawn from a checking account. So it is important to consider the plans and their coverage so you can select the plan that best fits your needs.

Thinking Of Choosing Plan F

Medigap Plan F is the most common plan in the country and it is available in Arizona. However, this plan has a high deductible option which leads to a significant decrease in monthly premiums. While this may look appealing, the plan should be considered carefully as it may not be ideal for an individual with a medical condition that demands frequent lab visits. Also take not that the deductible must be met before the benefits associated with Medigap plan F can be utilized. Also there is talk that in year 2020 they will no-longer offer plan F. In any of the plans you decide to work with in Arizona, careful consideration is important.

Research is key to finding the best Medicare supplemental plan for your needs. If you are not sure where to start, give us a call at 877-202-9248. At eMedicare Supplemental Insurance we are dedicated to bringing you the best customer service and satisfaction. We are fully licensed insurance brokers located in USA. Don’t wait call us today! Visit our website at

Is Arizona Medicare Supplemental Insurance The Right Choice?

How you are being affected by the Medigap Plan among other things is factored according to one’s location as stated in our last article. Beneficiaries who wish to add coverage to their Part A and Part B plans would want to choose to do a Medicare Supplement Plan in Arizona.

Medicare supplemental insurance coverage in Arizona would be similar to what we saw in Michigan such as it would include deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. Other hospital coverage may as well be added, like hospice care.

Medicare vs Medicare Advantage Program

A Medicare supplement health plan in Arizona differs when compared to that of the Medicare Advantage program. First, It is seen in how it is purchased. The Medicare supplemental insurance plan in Arizona is designed to be purchased as a standalone unlike that of the Advantage program. Although, it can be purchased in combination with original Medicare.

For beneficiaries in Arizona who would want to get the independent purchasing coverage, might need to consider changing from Original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare United Through The States

When compared to that of Michigan, a medical supplemental insurance plan in Arizona are identical. The insurance plan is organized with 10 standardized letters. These ten letters are available throughout the whole country, and each letter offers the same benefit with little regard to the insurance company providing it. Taking a closer look at the letters, the most common one that is available nationwide is Medigap Plan F. This is the most common available medical insurance plan in Arizona.

However the fact that each of these ten letters offers benefits that make each beneficiary indifferent, the cost may vary depending on the particular company providing each of these benefits. Coverage will include insurance while on a trip abroad but unfortunately may not include additional care such as prescription, hearing, vision, and or dental care.

Comparable to what you find in Michigan, Medicare supplemental insurance beneficiaries have the choice to enroll in Medicare supplement plan in Arizona during their six-month Medical supplemental insurance open enrollment period, which often begins on the first day of the month that one clocks their 65th year birthday.

In the Medigap enrollment period in Arizona, companies are not allowed to deny beneficiaries the coverage that is due to them, neither are they allowed to charge outrageous premiums to beneficiaries through their pre-existing medical conditions. After the six-month enrollment period, beneficiaries would need to enroll in a Medigap Plan. However, coverage for pre-existing medical conditions would cease to be a working condition.

How to Choose Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan in Arizona

In conclusion, Arizona Medigap plan coverage may be similar to the different lettered plans in Michigan, the cost of the program can vary depending on the insurance company that is involved. However, beneficiaries should select a plan that meets their needs regarding of coverage options. After that, beneficiaries can shop for different plans that are still within their single plan type, all based on the cost of the program.

eMedicare Supplemental Insurance is based in United States and has many knowledgeable, licensed agents ready to help you choose a supplemental health plan. We can also help you with any questions you have regarding Medicare and supplemental health care. Feel free to call us at 1-877-202-9248 or visit our website at