What you need to know about Arizona Supplemental Health Insurance

In Arizona, as in most states, insurance companies can only sell “standardized” Medigap policies. Most states do this because they like to have an easily regulated system. While each of the plans does have their own metrics and has stipulations that allow only some people to qualify. These stipulations and plans are consistent for all seniors throughout the United States. These policies are identified by letters (Medigap Plans A through N). It is important to note that the pricing on each of these plans differs depending on your age and location. Medigap plan F offers a high-deductible option. The benefits in any Medigap plan A through N are the same for any insurance company.

What is a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan?

A Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan in Arizona covers some of the costs not paid for by original Medicare (Part A and Part B). These costs might include copayments, deductibles, and other out of pocket expenses. A Medicare supplement insurance plan also referred to as a Medigap plan, is designed to work with original Medicare to cover some of these expenses.

Some Medicare Supplemental insurance plans in Arizona might also offer coverage not included with original Medicare, such as coverage in foreign countries or coinsurance for hospice care. Medigap plans do not include prescription drugs in their coverage. If you are interested in adding prescription drug coverage to your plan, you might want to consider enrolling in a Medicare part D prescription drug plan or a Medicare advantage plan.

Choices in Medicare supplement insurance plan in Arizona

There are 10 different Medicare supplemental insurance plans available in most states. Each plan type is designated with a letter of the alphabet. Plans are standardized by Medicare so that every plan that falls under a specific letter type will offer identical coverage.

For example, a plan A will include the exact same coverage no matter what company is offering the plan. Cost of the plan may vary from company to company and country to country within the state. In addition, a plan C or F will differ from a plan A in terms of both coverage and costs.

Selecting Medicare Supplemental insurance plans in Arizona

Not every Medigap plan may be available from every insurance company providing Medicare Supplement insurance plans in the state. In, addition, the monthly premiums may result in higher out of pocket expenses for medical services, so consider both variables when comparing the overall cost of the plan.

If you are interested in a supplemental insurance plan in Arizona, it is helpful to become familiar with the different plan types so that you can choose the best plan type for your specific needs. Once a plan type is selected, you can compare plans between various companies to find the one that fits within your budgetary guidelines. Keep in mind that costs will also vary from country to country within the state. This means Plan A in Shelby County might have a different premium than the same plan in Montgomery County.

Medicare supplemental health insurance can be quite the task to research and figure out all the different parts. We have made this simple, just call us at 877-202-9248 and we can recommend a plan that covers your needs while keeping it in your budget. You can also visit our website at www.emedicare-supplemental-insurance.com 


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