Reverse Osmosis Improving Your Homes Water Quality

Everybody knows there are a number of ways in which you can improve the quality of water in your home.  What adds increases your homes water quality may not be the same system that is bringing quality water to your neighbor.  Your waters specific needs are based on exactly what issues are found when analyzing your homes water.

One system that is often recommended to improve your water is a reverse osmosis drinking water system.  If your water is analyzed and has a high concentration of metals, minerals, or microorganisms a reverse osmosis may be your best option.  Reverse osmosis systems improve the overall taste of the water in your home.  Below we will answer a number of questions that are often asked about RO, reverse osmosis, water treatment solutions.

Can you use a RO system to remove sodium in your water?

YES!  RO can remove up to ninety eight percent of sodium in your homes water.  It is a perfect combination when homeowners are concerned with the sodium levels in their water from using a water softener. RO systems also are used to remove chlorine, lead, nitrates, and several other impurities in your water.

What is the difference between the four and five stage RO systems?

Four Stage RO: A four stage RO system is used within most homes where the water is being treated by a whole house water treatment unit such as an iron filter or water softener.

Five Stage RO: When a whole house water treatment unit is not used within the home the best option is to use a five stage RO system.  This option gives you additional protection in an added filter for contaminants such as arsenic and nitrates.

There is no need to use a RO system less than four state as it will not provide the needed filtration.  The opposite is true of any RO system over five stage which is an overkill and considered a waste of money.  Filters are costly and the more filters that need to be changed the more money spent.  Why waste money on RO filters that are not adding to the actual filtration of the water.

Can a RO system be used in conjunction with an ice maker or my refrigerator water?

YES!  RO refrigerator kits are available with thirty-foot hoses and all the fittings needed to be used with your home’s refrigerator.  Think about the crystal-clear water and un-cloudy ice cubes you will be enjoying when your refrigerators RO system is used.

To understand if a RO system could improve the quality of your homes drinking water bring in a sample of your water to be analyzed by the experts at Reynolds Water Conditioning.

The experts at Reynolds Water Conditioning have a solution to your homes unique water quality needs including: arsenic, bacteria, chlorine, rotten egg smell, fluoride, hard water, iron, lead, acid, tannins, radon, and more.  More information on our water treatment solutions including water softeners and conditioners, water filtration and purification, reverse osmosis drinking water, and iron & odor removal can be found online at

LASIK: A Popular Laser Eye Surgery Method

LASIK is a widely practiced method of laser eye surgery.  Vision is improved using laser vision correction techniques like LASIK through a reshaping of the tissue underneath the top later of the eye.

It is often hard to really describe what LASIK is and what is involved without using a lot of technical mumbo jumbo.  The jest of it boils down to the fact that when vision needs correcting and a surgical option is sought, whether we are correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatisms, a procedure using a refractive laser is performed to restore proper vision in the eye.  LASIK is the most popular and most widely accepted surgical method used in treating refractive errors and is done by reshaping the cornea in a manner that allows light to focus properly.

LASIK surgeons create a flap near the front of the eye that exposes the inner layers of tissue on the cornea to allow the laser to shape the cornea.  This is done by removing exposed tissue that is preventing the light to focus as need be.  The surgery is completed when the surgeon seals up the eye by closing the flap.  The eye is given time to heal and vision often returns to near perfect within a matter of twenty-four hours.

Benefits of LASIK

  • Experience: LASIK is a form of laser vision correction that has been in place form more than twenty years. Surgeons have been performing this procedure for many years and are very experienced correcting several defects within the cornea of the eye.
  • Recovery: The recovery process is unlike any other. Your vision starts to become clearer within just a couple hours of surgery.  What other surgical procedure of this nature do you see drastic results like this?
  • Obtainability: LASIK is a very popular procedure and performed across the state of Michigan. Rohr Eye & Laser Center sees patients from all around the area.  It is safe to say that almost every office offering laser vision correction offers LASIK as an available procedure.

Possible Side Effects

All surgeries have the potential for side effects and LASIK is no different, although highly rare.  Possible side effects can include:

  • Flap Complications: In order to reach the cornea a flap is made in the outer layer of the eye. Side effects to the flap specifically can include infection, inflammation, and dislocation.  The flap is intended to adhere back into location right after surgery however is it doesn’t seal back together with the corneal tissue, issues can arise.  The flap rests on the eye so there is opportunity present for it to dislodge during healing.  Therefore, it is recommended to lay low and avoid any contact sports or intense activities during the healing process.
  • Dry Eye: Dry eyes can occur after laser vision correction surgery. Nerves in the eye are cut during the procedure which can reduce the sensation to blink.  When a person doesn’t blink often enough it will not stay as lubricated as it needs to.  Although uncomfortable, dry eyes will often improve quickly.

LASIK is one of many laser vision correction methods performed at Rohr Eye and Laser Center.  For a detailed, FREE consultation call the office to schedule a time to meet with our dedicated team.

Rohr Eye & Laser Center offers the most advanced technology available to suit your lifestyle and visual needs.  As a leader in laser vision correction and cataract surgery, our goal is to help you achieve the best vision possible without glasses or contact lenses.  More information can be found online at



Choosing a Contractor for Your Next Home Improvement Project

This is the article to read if you are looking for some great advice on your next home improvement project!  Not only will we discuss tips on choosing a contractor we will throw in some advice on keeping you both communicating throughout.

Be able to articulate exactly what you want:

Being able to articulate your expectations is the most important aspects of any renovation.  Before meeting with a contractor, it is crucial that you know exactly what you want.  Spend time considering your end goals for the project at hand.  Consider how this project flows into future renovations.  Take time to layout a visual representation of what you expect the renovation should look like, the different amenities you desire, your needs vs your wants, etc.  If you can’t explain your goals into specifics, then a contractor won’t be able to translate this into a design.

Take time when interviewing contractors:

It is important to have a clear understand of what you are getting when you hire a contractor.   You should get at least three bids before choosing a contractor, upwards of six is even better as it gives you a clearer picture of what you can expect.  It also allows you to compare services: a six grand from one contractor may get you half of what another contractor is offering.  This will give you a clear perspective on material costs as well as the rates between contractors.  Make sure that all bids are measured equally.  Not all contracts include materials and labor.  When choosing a contractor make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

Complete background checks before signing a contract:

No matter who recommends the contractor, even if they used them in the past, it is important to do some basic background checks on the contractors’ credentials.  Not only should you know the company’s full name and address it is important to have copies of both the company’s liability & workers compensation policy’s along with a current state license.  Verify that they are up to date.  This is also the time to investigate complaints and legal actions that are pending or have been previously resolved.

Look into a contractor’s past work:

Not all contractors are created equally there are those that specialize and those that perform more general labor.  When hiring a large company, such as Kearns Brothers, you get both however this is not the case in all situations.  Before you hire an individual contractor, you must understand what they can and cannot do.

Take time to meet up with past clients to see the work they perform.  This is especially important in bigger renovations such as additions, complete kitchen renovations, and large scaled exterior home improvements.  Look at the similarity between each project, the quality of the materials that were used, and overall craftsmanship.  Also investigate how satisfied current and past clients are with the work that is done.  Other qualities to look for in their overall professionalism is the timeliness of returned phone calls, if they keep appointments and are, they on time, do they drive company vehicles and wear uniforms?

There are lots of little ways to make sure you get the renovation experience you are looking for.  It is important to understand that home improvement projects don’t happen overnight, and neither will hiring the perfect contractor.  Take time and have patience; due diligence will make the renovation run smoother than you ever thought possible.

As a full-service home improvement contractor servicing all Southeast Michigan, Kearns Brothers, Inc. offers clients a wide range of services to meet their construction needs including: roofing, siding, window, masonry, chimneys, gutters, and insulation services.  More information can be found at

Home Improvements During the Holidays

No matter what time of year you are preparing to renovate your home, you will be under extra stress, it’s even worse when those renovations are taking place during the holiday.  Remodeling done in the months of November and December can come with a mixed set of emotions.  You are thrilled to have the home improvements underway but are a bit ready for them to be completed so you can get on with the celebration aspect of the season.

To avoid emotions that are already on fire from turning into a full-blown boil it is important to manage your frustrations while preparing your space for the holiday you desire despite the holiday celebration happening around it.  Obviously, there are greater issues when the renovation is of a kitchen or bathroom however, these basic tips will help you manage.

Managing Home Improvement Projects During the Holiday

  • Include Your Contractor in Your Holiday Plans: This doesn’t mean inviting them over for dinner or purchasing them new tools for Christmas but instead making sure they know your plans in regards to having people over and when you will be using the space so that they know they have to clean up more appropriately.
  • Be Realistic: Work in conjunction with the contractors and subcontractors to create a schedule to make sure you are all on the same page.  This will also help contractors when hiring subcontractors as well as making sure tasks that need to be completed are when they need to be.  For instance, if you need the toilet in the first-floor bathroom to accommodate company then it is important it is installed and ready before they are set to come over.
  • Create an Environment of Honesty and Solid Communication: Don’t beat around the bush when communicating your expectations of requirements.  Your contractor will tell you if the expectation is realistic or if your requests are way off base.  This allows you to plan accordingly.  If you find that something is not working how you thought it would and you need to reevaluate the holiday renovation it is crucial you feel able to do so.
  • Set a Spot Aside for Materials and Tools When Not in Use: Holiday accessories already quickly clutter the limited space within your home with added company in the mix. The last thing you want is to have the renovation materials and contractors’ tools in the mix of any already chaotic space.  To prevent this from occurring have a space to place materials and tools when they are not in use and company is expected.  Of course, this is not something that should be expected on a nightly basis especially when contractors will be performing work the next day.
  • Create Flexibility: All relationships are based on flexibility and so should the one that you have with your home improvement contractor. Everyone is working towards the same goal, you want your renovation completed in a timely manner with minimal stress and your contractor wants to please you and complete the renovation in a timely manner all with minimal stress.

The holiday season is stressful all alone let alone adding in a major or minor home improvement project.  Working with your contractor will allow the two of you to manage this stress while allowing the holiday happenings to continue on around it without major disruption.


JFC Remodeling is a full-service licensed contractor out of Howell, Michigan.  Specializing in kitchen and bathroom renovations, flooring upgrades, and home remodeling services.  More information can be found online at

Installment Two – The Process of Treating Cancer Using Radiation

In our first installment on treating cancer with radiation we took a look in to exactly what radiation therapy was, how it worked, and how treatment is planned and delivered.  In today’s installment we will look deeper into what patients can and cannot doing during treatment, how long treatment sessions take, what to expect, and potential side effects.

During treatment are there particular things I should or shouldn’t do?

It is hard to believe however, life as normal can continue while you receive radiation therapy.  In fact, the less interruption to your overall schedule, the better.  Try to think of radiation as you would any other appointment, don’t make it any more important than any other task in your daily life.  Taking the importance away helps to ease anxiety.  Consider the following when planning treatment:

Radiation therapy is performed using a linear accelerator.  Some Skin tumors require a superficial x-ray unit, however for the most part radiation is delivered using a LINAC system.  You will be required to lay still while on the table/couch underneath the linear accelerator while the treatment is occurring.  You will feel nothing at all during the procedure.  Many times, you don’t even know that treatment has occurred.  A myth has circulated that you will be radio active after radiation therapy however this is incorrect.  There is not a possibility of this at all.

Treatment can range from a single treatment, one time to multiple treatments a week for several weeks.  This depends on a number of different factors including the type of cancer, where it is located, and how it is responding to treatment.  Treatment is most often done during the week.    The duration of your session will vary as well depending on the LINAC system that is used, and duration set in your treatment plan.  Certain linear accelerators operate faster than others and certain cancers require slow and steady treatment.  Your radiation oncologist will go over your specific case when reviewing your treatment plan.

During treatment it is important to drink plenty of fluids while eating regularly.  A small, balanced meal several times a day will help with energy loss.  It is also important to keep up on your regular, daily hygiene regimen.  Try to avoid extreme foods of any nature, too spicy, too hot, too cold, and so on are not desirable when receiving treatment.  It is also important to avoid extreme sun exposure during radiation as your skin will be more sensitive to burns.

What side effects should I be prepared for?

Radiation therapy provides a localized treatment which means that any side effect will depend on where it is received.  You may experience the following:

Nausea: Depending on where treatment is given you may feel nauseous during or after treatment.  (This could also be nerves) Whatever the case symptoms can easily be treated with the use of anti-nausea medication.

Diarrhea: As with nausea, diarrhea can be treated with medicine.  Depending on severity a dietician can help prepare your diet to prevent future occurrences.

Sore Throat/Mouth: If you are having treatment done on your mouth or throat you can experience some tenderness.  Your oncologist will offer suggestions to help prevent chewing and swallowing difficulties.

Increased Urination: Treatment in the lower abdomen and pelvic region can lead to frequently needing to relieve yourself.  To prevent discomfort be sure to stay well hydrated by drinking extra water throughout the day.  Take note of drastic changes which could be signally an infection verse side effects from treatment.

Hair Loss:  This too is localized to the treatment area.  Hair loss may occur on your chest, arms, legs, face, and head depending on where the radiation treatment is performed.

Can I continue to work?

As stated earlier, keeping your routine as normal is possible is key.  Of course, each treatment plan is different, and your oncologist may recommend rest after treatment.  If this is the case, you will want to follow their specific instructions.  Once treatment is finished any side effects and symptoms should subside within a few weeks.

Will I need to follow up?

After radiation therapy is performed you will need to follow up with your physician.  In most cases, the first time you meet after treatment will be between four and six weeks.  This is not true in all cases and therefore it is important to work with your doctor to make these arrangements at the time of or before your last treatment of radiation.

Radparts is the world’s largest independent distributor of OEM replacement parts for Linear Accelerators and Radiation Oncology equipment.  Radparts provides high quality, user friendly, low cost parts support for linear accelerators and radiation equipment. More information can be found at

The Best Option in Fencing Is Always Aluminum and Here’s Why

There is no reason to struggle when it comes to purchasing a fence for your home or business.  No matter where your fence is going to be installed it aluminum fence panels are the solution to your fencing needs.

Aluminum fencing has been a popular option in commercial pool fencing for awhile now.  Do you want to know why? The answer is that not only is it simple to plan for and order online, it is also easy to install and best of all DURABLE and practically MAINTENACE FREE!  Why spend an entire weekend over the summer cleaning and staining fencing when you don’t have to?  Time is precious and the last thing that should consume an entire weekend is fence maintenance.

Choosing the Best Fence Material

Let’s start where we began in the article, pool fencing.  Why is aluminum the best option when fencing in the perimeter of your swimming pool?  As earlier mentioned, outdoor commercial pools have been choosing aluminum for their fencing needs for years now.  Pool water contains chlorine or for some salt water, both corrosive to many fencing materials.  Without a doubt the fencing around your pool will get wet and needs to be able to withstand the harsh chemicals.  Aluminum is coated with a powder coating that allows the paint to withstand not only harsh pool water chemicals but also the beating of most natural climates.

Another reason that aluminum is used when fencing in swimming pools is because of its overall reputation for safety.  In a pool setting the number one concern is safety and aluminum fencing and gates provide both.  Aluminum pool gates from iFenceUSA are equipped with self-closing swing mechanisms that automatically latch.  This prevents a gate from accidentally being left open.  Not only do our aluminum pool gates contain these extra safety devices our aluminum fencing panels are suited to meet B.O.C.A. regulation, narrowing the spacing between vertical and horizontal pickets.  This close spacing helps prevent children from climbing the fence to gain access when not supervised.

Less Maintenance

The fence specialists are always answering questions regarding the maintenance of aluminum fence.  Most consumers don’t understand how aluminum can look exactly like wrought iron but that it doesn’t rust.  What allows aluminum fencing to stay rust free?  The answer is that although the oxidation process still occurs with aluminum it doesn’t concern aluminum fencing panels because of the powder coating that is used on top of the panels and posts.  The powder coating protects the aluminum from moisture.  This protection against moisture creates an environment that is not favorable for rust to form, thus aluminum fencing stays free of rust.

Installation is another common concern surrounding fencing.  Although the installation of a fence is a large scaled job, aluminum fencing is easier than most other types of fencing naturally.  Can homeowners install aluminum fencing without hiring an installation expert? The answer is an unequivocal, YES!

The entire process from ordering to installation is easier with aluminum fencing.  There are several online tools at for homeowners to use when planning for and installing aluminum fencing.  The online ordering options allow homeowners to upload an image of their space and virtually plug in the different styles and sizes of aluminum fencing.  Once you have established a layout diagram that you are pleased with ordering is as simple as answering a few basic questions about your landscape.  Following the diagram will ensure you order the right number of posts and panels.  This diagram will be included in your fencing shipment with detailed installation instructions.  Do you remember those paint by number canvas’s we all painted as little kids?  Yep, your fence installation can be that simple.  Many customers have been blown away by the simplicity of the installation process.  This is not to say it is done without some good ole fashion hard work, time, and patience however it can be done without stressful complications that are found with the installation of other fencing materials.  You don’t sacrifice quality saving money on installing aluminum fencing with the DIY method.

Aluminum fence panels and gates have an abundance of benefits over other materials available to homeowners and commercial users.  Not only is aluminum affordable it offers durability, low maintenance, ease of installation, an abundance of options, styles, and more.

 iFenceUSA is an online distributor of wholesale aluminum fences and gates for residential, resort, commercial, and industrial installation.  As an industry leader in maintenance-free aluminum fencing products we have all your aluminum fence and gate needs covered.  More information can be found online at


Here Comes the Holidays!

The holidays are upon us!  Of course, we all know what this means… PARTY TIME!  There is no better way then to start getting in the spirit of the season than with a company holiday party.  Although company parties can become the source of water cooler stories for years to come, they are the perfect time to get to know the people you spend eight to ten hours a day with.

Yes, some co-workers will take this opportunity to enjoy a few beverages which can lead to some tipsy revelations, funky dancing, or perhaps some mild filtration it will also be a time for some fun and entertainment. Corporate holiday parties are similar to that once a year wedding we are all excited to attend, they allow employees to have a little fun and reward them for the hard work that has been put in throughout the year.

Below are some ultra-exciting corporate party ideas to ensure your event is something that your employees enjoy.

Company Olympics

Instead of running, swimming, skiing, and so on create a few fun events that employees can participate in for prizes.  Consider creating teams by randomly drawing names and have them compete in fun games like wine cork shooting ranges, team table tennis with one partner blind folded, bouncy ball basketball using mason jars as baskets, balancing by the books, and so on.  You really can come up with just about anything to create a night of activity and unexpected team bonding.

Rent an Indoor Field

What better way to get to know your employees and them one another than to rent an indoor athletic field for a game of kickball, softball, flag football, and more.  After the game, surprise employees with an entertainer that is able to set up a stage and perform for them after they have cleaned up and are ready to party.

Take Over a Museum/Zoo

How awesome would it be to attend a corporate event in a venue that is normally over crowded and unable to be enjoyed.  Think about having the Smithsonian, the Shedd Aquarium, or San Francisco Zoo all to yourselves to enjoy.  Having food and drink stations throughout for employees to enjoy.  What a treat it would be to have time to enjoy something so amazing without the crowds, just your co-workers and their families.

A Bar Crawl

Not all places of employment would consider this but a less conservative, smaller company might see this as a perfect opportunity to let loose.  Rent rooms for each employee and a company party bus to explore several bars throughout the area without having to worry about driving and getting home.

Of course, your corporate party needs to be planned with your company and employees in mind.  No matter what type of event you decide on you have to be prepared for a bit of “backlash” by outsiders uninterested in participating in activities outside of normal business hours.  As an employer your job is to plan for the masses and make sure to give your employees an experience that lets them know just how appreciated they are!

Event Planning DC provides full event planning, partial event planning, month-of (day-of) event coordination, event styling/design and decorating services throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia, with access to local and national vendors who may provide additional services suitable for your event and budget.  We pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality event coordination, giving you and your guests the perfect day, no matter what the occasion including exclusive corporate and non-profit events, weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, community events and milestone celebrations.  More information can be found online at

What is a Linear Accelerator and What Does it Do?

Linear accelerators, LINAC, are used in the treatment of cancer.  High energy x-rays (electrons) are shaped to conform to the size and shape of the patient’s tumor and delivered using a LINAC.   The radiation, simply put, is used to destroy cancerous cells.  They are delivered in the shape of the tumor to hopefully eliminate damage to the healthy tissues surrounding the cancerous tumor.  A LINAC offers several built-in features, depending on the model, that make sure that the prescribed dose of radiation is delivered.

If radiation has been scheduled and will be delivered using a linear accelerator your radiation oncologist will work in conjunction with both a radiation dosimetrist and medical physicist to create a treatment plan that is uniquely designed for you.  Your physician will review your treatment plan with you before it begins and put quality assurance procedures in place to be certain that all parties involved are on the same page and that your treatment will be delivered in the exact same manner.

What is linear accelerator equipment used for?

LINAC, which is short for linear accelerator, is a large-scale piece of medical equipment used in external beam radiation treatment.  Radiation is a treatment option that is given to patients that have been diagnosed with cancer.  Linear accelerators are used to treat a variety of cancers throughout the body.  The LINAC distributes high-energy x-rays (electrons) directly on to the cancerous tumor.  The treatment is deployed in a manner that allows the healthy tissues to receive less of a direct hit than the tumor to help prevent damage.  Several techniques are used when delivering radiation from LINAC systems including:

  • Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)
  • Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT)
  • Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT)
  • Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS)
  • Stereotactic Body Radio Therapy (SBRT)

How does a LINAC work?

Microwave technology is used in LINAC to speed up electrons within the wave guide (a part inside the linear accelerator).  It then lets the sped-up electrons to strike a dense metal target to produce the high-energy x-ray that is delivered to the cancerous tumor.  Before the radiation (high-energy x-ray beams) are delivered they are shaped into custom beams that match up with the patient’s unique tumor.

Radiation beams are manipulated into the shape of the tumor as they exit the LINAC by a multi-leaf collimator.  The multi-leaf collimator is uniquely designed to each patient and is integrated into the head of the LINAC.  Patients are required to lie completely motionless on a treatment couch.  In order to make sure that the patient is in the correct position laser are used as guides.  The couch that patients are lying on can be manipulated about to make sure the laser beams are in the correct location.  radiation beams are directed out of the LINAC through the gantry.  The gantry revolves around the patient on the couch.  Radiation can literally be delivered from any number of angles simply by rotating the gantry on the LINAC and moving the couch that the patient is lying on.

Who runs the LINAC?

Radiation therapy is prescribed by a patient’s radiation oncologist.  They are the individual in charge of making sure you receive the appropriate dosage of radiation.  Together a medical physicist and dosimetrist decide how the prescribed dose of radiation will be delivered and how long the process will take.  Finally, a radiation therapist will operate the LINAC to give the patient the prescribed dose of radiation treatment.

How is the patient’s safety guaranteed?

The safety of the patient and the radiation therapist are of utmost importance and therefore secured in several ways throughout treatment.   Before treatment is carried out a unique plan is created.  This strategy is evaluated and approved through a few specialists working together including your radiation oncologist, radiation dosimetrist, and medical physicist.  The proposal is double, and triple checked before treatment can be delivered and quality-assurance procedures are done to make sure that the therapy is delivered according to the plan.

LINAC safety is also another important factor in quality assurance.  Linear accelerators have several built-in features that work to ensure a proper dose of radiation is given.  Daily equipment checks are performed on linear accelerators.  Radiation therapists check to ensure radiation intensity is uniform throughout the beam.  Monthly checks are performed by medical physicists monthly and annually on linear accelerators. There are also several internal checks within the LINAC that don’t let the machine run unless all the prescribed treatment requirements are in place.

Radiation therapists continue to observe the patient during treatment using closed-circuit TV monitors.  A microphone is in place within the treatment room to allow patients and therapists to speak during treatment.  Imaging tools are regularly examined to be sure that beam position is the same as it was in the original plan.

The LINAC operator is crucial as well.  Linear accelerator equipment sits within a room that consists of lead and concrete walls.  This prevents radiation beams from exiting the treatment room.  LINAC systems only release radiation when it is turned on so the accidental risk of exposure to radiation is low.

As an independent LINAC service company, Acceletronics is dedicated to delivering the best equipment performance and services for linear accelerators and CT scanners across all major brands and models, as well as new and refurbished LINAC systems for sale.  More information can be found online at

Medigap In Michigan

For Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Original Medicare Part A and Part B have the opportunity to enroll in Medigap.  Original Medicare does not cover comprehensive health care coverage and therefore additional plans in the form of Medigap need to be purchased to fill in the gaps.  Medigap policies cover a wide range of health care expenses including: copayments, deductibles, coinsurance, and other out of pocket expenses.

Medigap plans are regulated by the Federal government.  When comparing Medigap plans you will find that Medigap Plan F in Michigan is the same exact coverage that is offered in Medigap Plan F in Tennessee.  Most states offer all ten of the Medigap policies that are available within Medicare.

Medicare enrollees should enroll in Medigap during their six-month open enrollment period that begins the first day of the month in which they turn 65 and are enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.  No matter what your current state of health is, enrollment is guaranteed if done within that open enrollment period.  If you do not enroll during this period not only will you pay a late enrollment fee, medical underwriting will be required, premiums can be based on pre-existing conditions, and coverage is not guaranteed.  To avoid complication in enrollment, take time to research and reserve your spot in a Medigap plan during your Medicare open enrollment period.

Comparing Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans, Medigap, In Michigan

Medigap plans vary in cost depending on the area in which you live as well as the provider that you choose to purchase your plan though.  Medigap benefits are the same between each lettered plan no matter where you live.  Once you have chosen a plan that fits your health care needs a Medicare agent can help you compare costs between available providers.  This ensures you get a Medigap plan that not only meets your health care needs but also fits within your budget.

Medicare agents are your best source of information when it comes to finding out more about each individual Medigap plan.  Plans vary a great deal amongst one another so even though all ten policies are the same coverage no matter where it is purchased, each lettered plan is unique.  To work with a Medicare agent simply visit our website at and plug in your zip code.  After this is done you will receive a list of available plans, insurance companies and rates to compare.  If at any point during the process you have questions you can always reach out to one of our expert Medicare representatives at 888.452.7949.


Common Medicare Questions Answered

When it comes to Medicare and Medigap health insurance there is a ton of confusion.  Here are the top questions that our Medicare agents get when Medicare enrollees are seeking more information on Medigap supplemental insurance plans.

When can beneficiaries enroll in Medicare?

There is a seven-month window in which beneficiaries can sign up for Medicare Part A, Part B, prescription drug coverage, and Medigap supplemental insurance.  This period of time includes three months before you turn 65, the month of your birthday, and the three months after you have turned 65.  When you are receiving Social Security, beneficiaries will automatically be signed up for both Medicare Part A and Part B starting the first day of the month in which you turn 65.

Do my spouse and I have the same plan?

Spouses do not share Medicare plans.  Each Medicare and Medigap plan are issued on an individual basis.

Does Medicare offer coverage for long-term care?

Long-term care is not medical care, in most circumstances, but instead long-term care covers the basics of what it takes to live daily life.  Medicare will not cover long-term care if that is the only service that is needed.  Medicare covers: care within a long-term care hospital, certain skilled nursing care within a skilled nursing facility, home health services that are eligible, and hospice/respite care.

 Does Medicare cover nursing homes?

Skilled care within a certified nursing facility for Medicare beneficiaries is covered under Medicare Part A.  More information can be found by reaching out to our Medicare agents or visiting

Why would Medicare beneficiaries choose a Medicare Advantage Plan over Original Medicare?

The decision to choose between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans is up to each individual beneficiary.  Medicare Advantage Plans are popular in situations when:

  • You need prescription drugs. With very few exceptions, prescription coverage isn’t covered under Original Medicare.  Many Medicare Advantage Plans include prescription coverage whereas under Original Medicare a separate Medigap policy is needed, Medigap Plan D.
  • You would like to cap out-of-pocket spending. Original Medicare does not have out-of-pocket maximums.  With Original Medicare you will continue to pay a portion of the costs of your services whereas with Medicare Advantage plans there is a $6,700 out-of-pocket maximum.  Once this limit is reached the rest of the financial burden is covered through Medicare.
  • You want an alternative to the 20% coinsurance that is charged by Original Medicare Part B.
  • You need vision and dental coverage. Original Medicare Part A and Part B does not cover these services.  Some of the Medicare Advantage Plans offer vision and dental coverage.
What makes a participant choose between Medicare Advantage HMO and PPO?

Medicare Advantage Health Maintenance Organization plans (HMO’s) allow participants choose from a network of doctors that are contracted to provide services.  Beneficiaries will choose one primary care physician from doctors within the planned network.  This physician will then refer beneficiaries to specialists when further care is needed.  The specialists need to be within the plan network. The highlights of a Medicare Advantage HMO are:

  • Low out of pocket costs
  • Must go to physicians within the network
  • May include prescription drug coverage

This type of plan is often chosen because of the cost-savings.   If you can live with the restriction of choosing a physician within the network, then a Medicare HMO would work well.

Medicare Advantage Preferred Provider Organization plans (PPO’s) are similar to HMO plans in that participants choose from a network of doctors that are contracted to provide services.   Unlike an HMO plan, you are also allowed to see physicians outside of the network and hospital, you will just pay more out of pocket.  The highlights of a Medicare Advantage PPO are:

  • Can see physicians in and out of network
  • Monthly premiums are often higher than Medicare Advantage HMO plans
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • May include prescription drug coverage
How do prescription drug plans, Medicare Plan D, differ?

Each Plan D have its own list of covered generic and brand-name drugs.  Each Plan D covers certain drug categories however drugs covered in each category may differ by carrier.  Medigap Plan D plans set monthly premiums and costs may differ between carriers.

How do I know what is best for me Medicare Advantage Plans or Original Medicare Plans with Medigap Plans?

Each and every participants health care and budget needs are different.  In order for you to find what the best option for you is to reach out to our Medicare Agents to find out more information on each plan and how it benefits you.

How do Medicare Supplemental Insurance/Medigap Plans Differ? 

Each Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan, letters A-N offer different levels of coverage.  Each lettered plan includes the exact same coverage regardless of where you live and what carrier it is offered through.  Price differs based on each carrier.  Some supplemental plans offer services that Original Medicare doesn’t like travel outside of the United States.

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