Shopping For Medicare Plans in Arizona

Many Arizona seniors approaching their sixty fifth birthdays that are enrolling in Medicare are searching for the best Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans.  In today’s crowded Arizona Medicare market, enrollees have many choices when it comes to supplemental plans and insurance companies to purchase coverage from.  The correct choice is different for each person depending on their health objectives and economic realities.

Know Your Options In Medicare

Looking at the big picture seniors have a few options in Medicare.  The first is to enroll in Original Medicare and purchase one of ten standardized Medicare Supplemental Policies.  The second is to enroll in a good Medicare Advantage Plan.  Either choice can be a sound choice depending upon your personal health care needs.  For now let’s look at some important factors to consider when shopping for Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in Arizona.

Before you can begin shopping for affordable supplemental health insurance in Arizona you should understand the process and plans that are available.  Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans are purchased by private insurance companies that the government has chosen to sell the standardized plans.  These private insurance companies can choose to offer these plans at a rate that they specify however each plan is the exact same.  This is why it is important for enrollees to shop and compare Medicare Supplement Insurance before settling on a plan and company to purchase it from.

Insurance Companies Have The Choice

Insurance companies decide which policies they will sell.  Companies that do decide to sell Medicare Supplemental Policies:

  • Don’t have to offer every plan
  • Must offer Medicare Part A if they are going to sell Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans
  • If they offer any plans they must also offer Medicare Plan C or Plan F

When You are Enrolled In Medicare

Enrollees in Medicare and a supplemental plan can go to any doctor or provider in Arizona that accepts Medicare.  Here is some essential information to know when enrolling in government sponsored health insurance plans:

  • Enrollees need to be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B in order to purchase a Supplemental Plan
  • Enrollees in a Medicare Advantage Plan can apply for Supplemental Insurance however you must leave the Advantage Plan before the Supplemental Plan begins
  • Private insurers are paid a monthly premium for the Supplemental Plan in addition to the premium they pay for Medicare Part B
  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance only covers one participant. If a married couple has Medicare Insurance they must both have separate coverage
  • Supplemental Insurance can be purchase from any insurance company that is licensed to sell insurance in Arizona


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