Custom App Programming Vs. Platform App Development

Anyone that tells you that they aren’t dependent on technology to fulfill virtually every purpose in their daily life is probably lying. It is quite evident that software development technology is rapidly growing and it’s not pausing for a breather anytime soon because the demand for it is on the increase. In fact, almost every electronic device, machine, or equipment that we use is a by-product of some software development.

Each app development company: custom or platform follows a series of steps known as the software development life cycle.  This includes planning, analysis, design, development & implementation, testing & deployment and maintenance. Each of these steps is vital for the success of app development. Once the software pass through all the stages without any hiccups, then the apps can be placed in the market place for our daily use.

Custom app programing entails designing software applications for a specific user or group to address their needs. For example, customized software development can be tailored to a single or specific entity such as iPhone app development, to be used by that company for which it was designed, in this case iPhone. Companies that require custom app programming work done for them are in control of how the app is configured, which can be anything from the look, feel, functionality, dashboards, etc. to match their businesses’ unique needs and operations.

When it comes to platform app development, there are businesses that need a space where they can not only manage multiple projects within the organization in one central place, they need a platform where they can also monitor their team. A platform app can also have features where a business can upload vital documents within the organization. Such an app can also allow them to keep track of their customers, including tracking the performance of the team and the time they spend on their tasks.  A platform app is designed to be an app that can be used across multiple platforms.

Designing a custom application with an organization’s needs in mind can increase levels of productivity because it provides features that an off-the-shelf software probably wouldn’t. Also, some of mobile apps we use every day have changed the way we conduct business and enabled us to engage in more interesting and innovative ways than ever before. Additionally, the Android app development platform is open source, dynamic and collectively enriching, which simplifies the job of the users and can be used by multiple people in ways that are dynamic to their needs.

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