Challenges of Planning A Wedding Without A Consultant

Weddings restore our hope and belief in Love. They have a way of opening our hearts and uplifting our spirits.  It’s a day where people get dressed up and come together to celebrate the union of two people in love. There is a lot to love about a wedding however, not so much the planning of a wedding. Most brides-to-be don’t even know where to start. Most brides to be end up feeling like they need to quit their day job to get everything done. Planning a wedding can feel like a full-time job, especially for those planning it without a wedding consultant.

Challenges of Planning a Wedding Without a Consultant

Where to Budget vs Where to Splurge

Every couple wants a wedding that stands out; a wedding where every vision is realized without worry about a budget.  Is it possible to plan a wedding within a budget without sacrificing on the vision you have for your wedding?  The answer is simple; yes, you are able to plan a beautiful extravaganza without blowing your budget with the help of an experienced wedding consultant.  A wedding coordinator will help you prioritize your desires and work to stretch your budget.  Event planners also have their own connections within the wedding industry which can often help.  Whether it is saving on catering, invitations, décor, flowers, transportation, entertainment, venues, or more a wedding planner and their connections can help brides on a budget stretch their dollars to make sure every detail is met.

Vendor Relations

If you think choosing your bridal attire is a challenge, then dealing with multiple vendors and getting them to deliver on their promises in a timely manner is going to really test your patience.  Wedding consultants are used to working with multiple vendors at one time and getting them to coordinate with one another which can save couples money.  Often vendors will offer multiple vendor discounts that are only advertised within the industry.

Thank You Cards and Gifts

Not only does your wedding party deserve personalized thank you gifts and cards but so do your wedding guests.  A wedding coordinator can not only ensure you don’t forget anyone they can make personalized gifts and thank you cards easy.  With a planners help you will be sure not to miss the goodie bags at the hotel that welcome out of town guests and the little personalized trinkets to remind your bridal party just how much they mean to you.  These small, personalized touches can take up a lot of the bride and grooms time however wedding consultants do this day in and day out and really know how to make the little details stand out to your guests and wedding party.

Minimizing Stress Before, During, and After

Often brides want to be in control of every aspect, down to the color of the nail polish their bridesmaids wear, which can turn them into Bridezilla.  When working with a wedding planner brides can remain in complete control of the decision-making process, streamlining the entire process.  Minor details and aggravations from behind the scenes will all be handled by the consultant without compromising the wedding integrity of the wedding and you will be none the wiser.

Focusing on Yourself

It is normal for women to want to focus on everything but themselves however on your wedding day that is not even an option.  Since you can’t be in ten places at one time and really don’t need to stress about the flower arrangements arriving at 6 instead of 5:30 take a step back and allow the wedding coordinator to take complete control the day of the wedding.  They will send out an agenda to the entire wedding party that is customized allowing even the bride to follow a step by step guide to the perfect day while they coordinate the day coming together for you.

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