Managed IT Services: Finding A Compatible IT Provider for Your Business

As you are interviewing providers to provide your business with managed IT services it is crucial that you know what you need and exactly what services you are looking for.  Below we will provide you with some tips you should keep in mind while you are interviewing companies to become your new managed IT services.

In business, no matter if you are growing or happy where you are currently at, your IT infrastructure is crucial.  Many small business owners try to manage their IT services without hiring an outside source.  However, as they grow, they find that their IT service needs become more than they can manage on their own.  This is where companies such as Creative Programs and Systems, CPS, can help.  Managed IT services leverage the use of technology to increase efficiency throughout your organization.

Managed IT providers, MSP, is a company that is an outsourced provider of set IT tasks for your business.   Many MSP providers are seen as your company’s “internal” IT team as most are available to provide services to you 24/7, after business hours may be considered emergency only.  A major benefit of MSP providers is that they become part of your company without the overhead and extra staff.

Important Features of Your Managed Services Provider

IT Support When You Need It – 24/7/365

One detail that many IT service contracts include is availability.  Although most MSP providers offer services round the clock it is common that services provided outside of what is agreed upon as normal business hours is done at an additional premium.  The point being that they are available when you need them.  Catastrophes don’t always occur during “regular” business hours.  It is important that even though your IT company isn’t open 24/7/365, they are available when and if you need them.

Backups and Data Recovery

It is crucial that your service provider has in place specific procedures for backups and data recovery.   Most companies don’t know the benefits of an IT provider until an actual catastrophe occurs.  When a data failure occurs, and you are required to restore your company information based on the backups that are in place is probably not the time to learn the company you hired is subpar.

Maintenance and Preemptive Support

Not only is the purpose of hiring an MSP about having support when a problem occurs, it is about being proactive and preventing issues before they occur.  IT support providers need to be able to not only monitor the existing IT infrastructure they should also derail potential problems before they occur.

Hire an MSP Provider That Understands Your Company

Every business is unique and therefore needs special attention paid to their unique needs.  Find a provider that wants to learn about your company in detail.  In order to provide your business with a successful IT solution and suggest strategies to grow your company they must understand your companies wants and needs.

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Outsourcing IT Services Through a Managed IT Provider

There are a number of ways in which business of all sizes receive IT support.  From in house IT techs, on call IT professionals, and managed IT providers, specialists exist in a number of capacities to ensure that the IT needs of your business, no matter how large or small your company is, are met.  Many companies are switching to managed it services simply because it is one less thing on their plate to manage.

In order to choose an IT infrastructure for your business it is important to evaluate your current needs and future growth.  Although the services of managed IT professionals allow you to take a hands-off approach it may include more services than you actually need.  In this installment we will take a look into the general overview of managed IT plans.  It is important to note that different companies offer different services, so it is crucial that you find an IT plan and company that would fit your needs without having to pay for services you do not require.

Vital Elements of Managed IT Contracts


Security within your organization is important for a number of reasons and it truly the first area of concern for many business owners.  It is crucial that company and client data is kept secure.  A breach in data security not only costs companies millions of dollars to clean up from it puts critical data in jeopardy.  Managed IT service providers must have a detailed outline on how they will secure your specific IT systems.  Look for areas including intrusion detection and prevention, encryption, and firewalls to be addressed as well as how the services will be carried out.


The infrastructure of your organization must be well cared for in order for your company to thrive and grow.  No matter what size your company is the basics still apply, to run efficiently everything you need must be able to be performed on your systems network.  This means that your managed IT service contract must include server & storage maintenance, network administration, backups, and basic services to issues arising within the network.  You must work with your IT provider to develop a list of current and future IT services that are required for you business to continue to thrive.

Service and Support

The service and support of IT technicians can occur in a number of manners include over the phone, remotely, and in person.  Does your company require 24/7 support to operate?  If this is the case and your business will be dead in the water without 24/7 support, you will want to find an IT company that offers a managed IT service contract that supports your company no matter the time a day or day of the week.  This type of support will come at a premium.  Many IT companies support normal business hours and make accommodations for emergency support when needed.  Support outside of normal operation times may require an additional fee above and beyond your monthly managed IT support.

Monitoring your Network

Monitoring your network is critical to successfully managing your IT services.  An interruption within the network will mean downtime for your company.  Managed IT services monitor every aspect of the network from in house, remote users, mobile devices, and virtual machines. Monitoring services should also include intrusion prevention and detection, firewall configurations, and 24/7 monitoring.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Having a complete backup of your data is crucial.  If disaster strikes it is important to know that the data that keeps your company up and running is accessible and up to date.  Does the company provide on site backup, cloud backup, or is a private source used to backup crucial company data?  Not only should you know where to look for important company backups it is important to have access to this information when you need it.  Your managed IT support provider should also include a detailed disaster recovery plan when addressing backup needs.  It is essential that this information is readily available to prevent any downtime if your company should encounter an unexpected issue.

There are many aspects to managed IT plans.  This installment provides basics to expect when looking into providers of managed IT service plans.  Further questions should be asked to help you determine if these services are right for your company.  When interviewing IT specialists and different service plans available it is important to note exactly what is and isn’t covered in different managed IT plans.  Communication is the key element when it comes to a successful IT solution for your company.

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Is Your Website Ready for the Mobile Revolution?

The way we live is forever changed with each new advancement in technology, especially mobile technology.  Mobile technology is changing at a rapid pace and our responsibility is to keep pace with these changes.   As customers change how they use the internet and how they engage with business it is up to us to evolve as well.

If you don’t believe in the theory of a mobile technology revolution it is time to take the blinders off and look around.  If you step outside and look around, you will see people everywhere using their smart phones in one form or another.  It is interesting to see the shift in internet use as we move from desktops to laptops and now into a world of mobile devices.  Each advancement in technology and how our access to it has changed end user interactions.

Consider the following:

82% of us browse the internet on their phone

61% of us search with their smartphones each and everyday

94% of smartphone users look for local information and 84% take actions because of it

47% of us visit business or service websites

77% of us use our smartphones to research products and services

(Our Mobile Planet: United States of America. Understanding the Mobile Consumer. May 2013.

From the statistics above you can see that almost 50% of the visitors to your website are from smartphone users.  Problems arise when visitors seek out sites that are coded improperly and are not mobile responsive and therefore basically unusable when viewed on a smart device.  Websites that are not mobile friendly are still viewable on smartphones however are practically unable to be interacted with.  A non-mobile responsive site will show up as a micro version of itself.

Users will only be able to garner information from zooming in and scrolling left to right on the text.  Website menus will be super tiny and frustrating to work with.  If your site is not programmed to be viewed correctly on mobile devices you could be losing upwards of 50% of your customers to the competitors who have already upgraded to a mobile responsive website design.  No user wants to scroll in and out on a website to gather information.  As advancements in technology shows us, end users are all about ease of use and convenience.  Mobile friendly, responsive website design is critical for the growth of your storefront and online business.

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Creating Website Content That Is Ready for Voice Search

One of the most important aspects of creating a new website is making sure that your target traffic can easily locate you.  The planning process involved requires business owners to consider what keywords and keyword phrases people will type into search engines in order to find them.  Content is then created around these searches to maximize ranking results.  That has worked well in the past but with new technology and voice search now is the time to reconsider website content.

Voice Search Technology

Voice search technology is when people use their voice to ask devices such as computers, phones, Alexa, Google Home, and such devices to aide in their search of the internet vs sitting at a device and typing the search into a search engine.  More than half of all internet searches are said to come from voice activated technologies by the year 2020.  Each year the number of voice-activated speakers purchased increases ten-fold.  It’s pretty obvious to us that in order to continue to be successful websites need to be adjusted to accommodate for both voice and type searching.

People are using voice search technology mainly because it is so fast and easy to use.  You can search using your phones while on the go.  Information is easily received whether you are in the car, at a restaurant, or sitting in your front room, no matter where you are at voice search technology allows you to easily access information.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

There are a number of things voice search technology changes when it comes to search engines and optimizing your website to meet the needs of your customers.  One thing this means is longer search phrases. When people speak they tend to talk in complete sentences whereas when typing the phrases are shorter and more to the point using basic keywords.

Voice Search vs Traditional Typing

Voice Search: Clients are more likely to ask a question such as: “What are the voice search statistics for 2018?”

Traditional Search: Clients are more likely to input a keyword or phrase without adding to it: “voice search” or “voice search stats 2018”.

Voice activated applications have been programmed to understand our natural speech patterns.  They will understand longer text phrases and questions.  When planning to optimize your website for search engines it will be important to take this new information into consideration.  Keyword optimization will no longer only revolve around simple keywords and long-tailed keyword phrases it should now include answers to questions and longer phrases.

The Future of SEO

With voice search technology becoming more and more common, optimization for search engines is going to focus more on the long-tailed keyword, a keyword that is more than three to five words.  Whereas previously websites would have been optimized for “kitchen remodeling” with voice search optimization should include “kitchen remodeling trends for 2018” or “local contractors specializing in kitchen remodeling 2018”.

Websites that are designed with voice search technology in mind will have a huge advantage over older website designs that do not redesign their sites to include optimization for the new technology.  Long tailed keywords and phrases are less competitive and therefore easier to rank for.  Designing a website around this now will ensure you are prepared as voice searching becomes more and more common.

What Can You Do Today?

Currently the most common voice search is your business’s phone number and address.  Don’t hide that information on your site within an image or logo.  The phone number and address need to be easily found and recognized.  Your companies Google business listing should include an up to date address, phone number, and website address should be easily available if a client does a quick search of your company’s name.

If you are looking for local customers include phrases such as, “near me”, “local”, or “close by”.  The popularity of keywords that include these phrases has increased over 500% in part due to voice searching.

Content should be structured for the intent of your users.  What are your users looking for?  What information are they trying to find from your site?  Optimizing for Google means that your sites content gives answers to the user’s questions.  Blogs or a blog series should be written in a manner that also answers your customers questions.  Posts should specifically address questions that will be asked.

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Just How Important is a Contact Page to a Website Afterall?

It’s obvious that your sites HOME page is the most important page of your web site design.  It is the landing page and will receive the most traffic of any of the pages within your website.  The second most important page, is often the most neglected when optimizing your site, can you guess what page we are talking about?  If you guessed the CONTACT page you are correct!  Consider the goal of most of the pages on your website are created for the sole purpose of getting clients to reach out to you in one way or another.  Yet the CONTACT page is most often the most underwhelming page on your website.

Considering that most CONTACT pages have very little information on them other than a basic fill information form, an email address, phone number, and perhaps a physical building address.  Face it, that information can be a bit unenticing for website visitors.  Since the goal of the page is to reach out and touch base with you, it is important that this page persuades them to do so.

Basic Contact Page Rules

Provide More Than One Method of Contact:

  • We have heard it over and over again that people hate being directed to fill out a standard, one-size fits all form on websites. We also get many businesses that don’t want to list their phone number because they don’t want to spend the day fielding phone calls.  It is crucial to the success of any company that they don’t focus too much on what they want but instead focus on the customer, CONTACT pages are made for your customers not you.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t want the phone number listed, if a customer prefers to call you then it is important they are able to easily do so.  Give your customers every option possible on your websites CONTACT page: include an easy fill form, an email, a phone number, a physical address, and any other method of contact that you know your customers desire.

Invite Customers to Contact You:

  • Even if the CONTACT page seems self-explanatory it is important to note that for visitors to your site its not that simple. Your site must include a message that is welcoming and invites visitors to contact you with whatever method they are comfortable in doing so.  I hear it all the time, “Just go ahead and slap up a contact form, people will know what to do.”  Even though we can assume that visitors will see information to contact you, it is important to make them feel as if you are really waiting for them to reach out.  Otherwise visitors may see the form as an abyss,
    • We are happy you found us and look forward to hearing from you!”
    • “We are here to help, get in touch with us today and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible.”
    • “We value your questions and input, please reach out to us today.”

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or elaborate, just a welcoming message that lets visitors know their information will be followed up on.

Use Something Other Than “SUBMIT”:

  • More than one study has been done that shows website traffic is more likely to send information if the text button says something other than “submit”. Be more specific and illicit action: “Let’s Get Started Today”, “Send Your Message”, “Get in Touch with Us Today”, or any other way to get the message across.
Don’t Forget to Say Thanks:
  • A thank you page after visitors share their contact information with you is important for more than one reason. It not only allows you to keep track of conversions within Google Ads, it can also increase traffic to other pages on your site.  A well optimized thank you page should offer visitors suggestions on other areas of the site to interact with while they are waiting to hear from you.

As the second most visited page to most websites, the contact page is an important aspect to remember when optimizing your company’s website.  With proper optimization to this single page you can increase contacts and isn’t that the reason we have websites to begin with, more contacts equal greater business opportunities.

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Custom Website Design for Growing Businesses

Business of all sizes can benefit from custom web design services.  Small businesses, or growing businesses as we prefer to call them are just one set of the many clients that we can help improve their online positioning and presence with a website customized to their unique business needs.  The professional web development team at Creative Programs and System understand the needs of growing businesses as we are a growing company ourselves.


As a growing business we understand that expenses are everywhere and thus understand the importance of affordable services.  A website does not have to cost tens of thousands of dollars to be exceptional.  We are able and willing to work with small, independent business owners looking for an ecommerce site to sell their art and large scaled, international corporations. There are a number of companies that are not interested in working or designing websites for companies that are not looking to exhaust their budget on a website, which is most often a template anyway.  You won’t find that at CPS; we believe custom websites should be designed specifically with our clients wants and needs in mind.


Of course, there are more factors to who you hire to design your website than cost.  However, even if you don’t have a ten-thousand-dollar budget it is important to note you often get what you pay for when it comes to $500/cheap, template websites. You must understand what you are agreeing to before you sign a contract to design or re-design a website.  Some companies can offer low cost websites because they are purchasing templates and fitting your business needs into the template.  This is not the ideal type of site for most growing businesses.


Additional services can add to the total budget needed for a new website.  If you are looking to add in services such as logo design, content creation, and in-depth search engine research and development it is important to note that these services are an additional fee above and beyond the initial design and development of your website.  If you are looking into additional services, it may be important to consider your site development in stages.


When you meet with professional website developers it is important to consider their professional advice.  Some fancy features may not be only be unaffordable, they may also detract visitors.  Flash, reverse type, awkward navigation, music, videos, and other special effects actual cause a distraction and have been proven over and over again to not add the expected value.  When planning your strategy online with a limited budget these are options to skip, even with an unlimited budget some of them should be avoided.


Your website should be all about your customers. It is easy to get swept up in what you think is desirable but in reality, the only thing that is important is what your customers want.  Remember, most customers are looking for information and outcomes.  If they want to purchase a new car, they are looking at your site for valuable information on the product and how to easily go about obtaining it.  All website design should consider what the customer is looking to obtain from it and be designed around this.


Content is a key element not only for your customers value but also for search engine rankings.  When creating content or having content created for your company it is important to take into consideration what your customers are looking for and how your content can answer this need. If your visitors find the information on your site reliable and useful they are more likely to become a customer over those that cannot find answers to what they are looking for.



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A Mobile CRM Benefits Your Business

The term CRM, Customer Relationship Management, is a newly coined term used to describe a system that allows companies to access and manage key elements of their business.  A mobile CRM is one that delivers the experience to users of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile internet-enabled devices.  Right away you can see the benefits a mobile CRM would have in the growth and development of any business big or small.  A custom CRM system, designed specifically for your business, employees and customers, will take you to the next level.

Let’s face the facts; we are not a generation filled with patience.  No longer is using a desktop to gain information good enough for us, we want information at the touch of a button anytime we want it.  Mobile device use went from .7% in 2009 to just under 53% in 2017, with numbers that will only continue to grow. Your business must have software to match.  Users of mobile CRM systems are able to access important business data no matter when they want it or where they are.

Mobile CRM systems are important to employees as they are no longer tied to a desk to work.  Employees are literally able to work no matter where they are when using a mobile CRM.  They can access vital information when meeting with prospects, allowing immediate decision to be made.  We all know how important an immediate decision is when closing a deal.  Custom CRM systems allow this to occur.

Jobs that were once considered “office jobs” where employees physical presence was thought to be required have since gone remote because of systems such as a CRM, leading to higher overall productivity.  With access via mobile technology, employers actually gain higher results from their employees. A recent study boosts that most mobile employees work an extra 240 hours annually.

Mobile smart devices give employees a freedom that is not experienced when tied to a desk.  Employees and employers alike benefit from having access whether they are in the same building or half way across the world.  Tying a workforce together with real-time, shared information allows data to be shared regardless of software compatibility, which leads to a more collective work atmosphere.

If you have questions on how a CRM platform can help you grow your company and improve the efficiency of your workforce, it is important to schedule an appointment today with a developer who is versed in both iPhone and Android app development.  They can assist in developing the right CRM system that will continue to develop and adapt to your ever growing company climate and personalized needs.

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The Many Reasons Every Business Needs a Mobile App

Mobile apps are becoming more and more of a necessity when it comes to maintain and growing your business.  No matter what you do or how your company interacts with clients a custom designed mobile app will allow you to be more efficient and effective.  Mobile apps are not solely for large, well known companies like Home Depot.  In fact, more now than ever small and mid-sized companies with unique needs are benefiting from custom apps to round out their company’s mobile strategy.

If you are still on the fence on why your business needs a mobile platform and how they can benefit from a custom app this installment should provide a clearer picture to its importance in our ever-changing world of business and customer relations.

Benefits of Custom Mobile Apps

  • Visibility to Customers 24/7

Would you believe it if someone told you that the average American spends more than two hours a day using their mobile device.  Most users only use a handful of apps on their phones however, each time they open an app yours will be right there.  Even if it is unconscious, the image of your app will be there and thus always top of mind.

  • Direct Marketing

Mobile apps function in several ways to assist customers.  From general pricing to account information and more.  The biggest benefit of providing customers with a mobile app is that any information you desire your customers to have at their fingertips from special promotions to sales, it is all there at the touch of a button.

  • Added Value

Another benefit of having a custom mobile app for your company is the added services of value that you can offer to clients that interact with it.  For instance, the app can be designed in a manner that allows customers to collect rewards for interactions, a type of loyalty program.  What results for your companies is that more and more users will want to download your app to achieve rewards thus leading to a higher number of repeat customers.

  • Brand Awareness

Mobile apps can significantly increase the awareness of your brand.  The app is like a walking billboard for your company.  You can change it as often as desired creating a different appeal every day.  The theory of effective frequency states that people seeing or hearing about your company more than 20 times are more likely to recall your information when they need your products or services.

  • Beneficial to Employees

Mobile apps are super useful to your employees as well.   They can be used to complete everyday tasks as well as be a source to relay information easily to one another within your company.  The great thing is that as the wants and needs change for your growing business so can the app.  Mobile apps can be customized to the growing needs of employers leading to a more efficient way to manage employee relationships.

Creative Programs and Systems specializes in custom mobile apps for both iPhone and Android users.  For more information on what the Android app developers and iPhone applications developers at CPS can do for your growing business check us out at

iPhone Apps: Why Do They Seem to Perform Slower After Every iOS Update

I am not sure if I am the only one that notices but every time an update to my iPhone occurs my phone acts like a dinosaur.  It seems so much slower than before the update, each and every time.  Why?

Even though I have not downloaded any new mobile apps and am not using my iPhone any more than I previously was, the phone is downright slow.  I have heard it repeatedly from many iPhone users, but it seems to continue.  That leads me to wonder if it’s happening, is Apple doing it on purpose.

Battery Issues?

Some investigating into the health of the iPhone has been done over the years by several different outlets.  Some truth has been found to the claim as some users have found that once the batteries of older iPhones are replaced the phones seem to speed up.  What was found is that Apple’s iPhone processor seems to slow down after the battery hits several recharge cycles.

The issue in the past with iPhone batteries is that they have said there was life left on the battery, but the phone still shuts down without warning.  It was found that the same processor is used in in a variety of iPhones and the issue occurs throughout.  Apple also stated that they use Lithium-ion batteries which become less reliable in colder temperatures, when the battery has a low charge, or it is an older battery.

When an iPhone battery or processor ages it naturally decreases in efficiency and apps perform slower.    To combat this known defect Apple released a feature that helps to level out peak instances.  The new feature prolongs the battery by slowing it down over the lifetime of the phone.

Solutions To Speed Problems

If the speed of your mobile apps is affecting the way in which you interact with your phone there are a couple of things that users have offered as solutions.  One is to replace the batteries in the phone.  This simple fix allows the phone to basically function as new.  The battery life is set back to one.  Now, this process is not as simple as changing the batteries in your television remote.  To update the battery in your iPhone you will need to make an appointment at one of many Apple stores.  Having the battery replaced at an Apple store also help to avoid voiding the warranty.

Users can also choose to upgrade their phones.  Most note that IOS updates always seem to occur around the release of a new model iPhone, coincidence?  I think not!

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Custom Mobile App Development vs Template Designs

A single mobile app concept can literally change the way we operate in the world today. App ideas like Facebook, Uber, and Pinterest are extremely popular today, not because they have been initiated by famous people but rather the innovative approach of these mobile applications that has surprised the technological world.

What is the difference between custom-built apps and template-based apps? In nutshell, an application programmer for mobile devices creates a custom application from scratch, to fit perfectly to your specific needs, by writing the code for each function. And they will create new codes to give your application the unique features that you and your team recognize are appropriate to meet the goals of your own application.

On the other hand, a template-based mobile application is when a designer uses existing models as the basic framework on which to import and “copy-and-paste” their designs. What are the practical disadvantages of template-based applications?

  1. Custom apps are tailored to your specific needs

Template-based applications are limited in terms of functionality, both now and in the future. Basically, what you get with a template is limited to the features that come with it.

However, with a custom built application you can edit, refine and modify according to your needs, where you only pay for “adding” or “remodeling” without having to eliminate everything.

  1. Custom app development is unique and authentic

Unlike Custom-built, application templates are not originally designed to attract many end-users. They, therefore, combine several characteristics recognized by designers to attract a general market instead of adapting to the unique nature and needs of their specific features.

  1. Templates are outdated

Template-based mobile apps are usually based on older code designs because they were developed a long time before you realized them: Therefore, might not conform with the latest running OS on the IOS or Android.

  1. Troubleshooting

Using Android as an example. There are thousands of different Android smart devices. with varying sizes of screens, operating platforms, and manufacturers. Proper coding of an application to run on so many devices is a very complex task, requiring a high level of experience that only the best code developers have. No mobile app template can guarantee the possibility of creating an application compatible with all available Android devices.  Therefore, the average mobile app template normally works properly between 3% and 8% of Android devices. On the contrary.

  1. Templates are not usually optimized for search engines

A major disadvantage of a mobile app designed with a template is that they cannot normally be “SEO” (search engine optimization, also known as “app discovery”). Without proper SEO, search engines do not place the app in the appropriate categories. So, when you look at different categories of applications, you will see that many applications appear that have nothing to do with your searched results, even when you do a search with the app name.

You must evaluate the costs and benefits of each type of application. If you do not understand what is needed it is easy to end up with an app that doesn’t meet your need.  A personalized, custom designed mobile app, with appropriate “SEO”, is one of the best commercial tools and/or marketing investment that any company can achieve. It is an investment that will yield desired results over and over. Whereas a template-based designed app will offer a much lower return on investment.

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