What Role does a LINAC System Play in Cancer Radiation Therapy?

Cancer is a disease that affects people all over the world. There aren’t any guaranteed cures for the fatal disease. However, one-way cancer is treated is through radiation therapy. In this, high-energy rays are used to prevent cancer cells from dividing and spreading further in the body. The rays damage the cells which is why they lose their ability to grow and spread. Linear accelerators or LINAC systems are large scaled pieces of equipment used for radiation therapy. Therefore, a lot of companies have started servicing LINAC systems and offer medical equipment repair as well.

How is a LINAC system used?

Linear accelerators emit x-rays or electrons with high energy. The specialty of this device is that it can attack cancer cells while preventing damage to other healthy cells of the body. Therefore, the patient’s body itself is free of harm and only the cancer tumor is attacked. Treatment using a LINAC system is suitable for use on any body part, so it can treat every kind of cancer tumor. The device works with multiple techniques, for example, IMRT, VMAT, IGRT, SRS, SBRT etc.

Servicing linear accelerators is vital for the proper working of the system. Radiation therapy is the treatment option for many types of cancers. There are few precautions that can be taken when working with radiation. LINAC systems emit strong radiation beams which is why they are able to kill cancer cells. Without servicing LINAC systems, the best treatment results cannot be ensured. Repairing medical equipment like LINAC systems is extremely important in ensuring its suitability for medical treatments.

LINAC Mechanism

The equipment works like a radar in terms of its microwave technology. There is a part inside the linear accelerator where electrons are accelerated. When they meet the metal compartment, these electrons convert to high-energy x-rays. Special devices ensure that these x-rays leave the LINAC in the exact shape of the patient’s tumor so that only the specific area is treated. This is what makes servicing linear accelerators such a vital part of the whole treatment. If there is even the slightest misalignment, the radiation could attack the wrong part of the patient’s body harming valuable, healthy tissues.

In order to make sure that the radiation reaches the correct part of the patient’s body, the patient is set on a moveable couch. This couch can be repositioned in any direction to make sure the tumor is at the right angle and distance from the radiations. Alongside this, the LINAC emits the x-rays from a part called gantry. The gantry can be rotated to alter the angles of the emissions as well.


With such a powerful mechanism, there is no room for a mistake. The linear accelerator is designed to never emit a higher radiation than the oncologist’s prescription. Thus, servicing LINAC systems and repairing medical equipment becomes a point of life or death. If the device is functioning perfectly, the security of the patient is maintained.

LINAC systems play a major role in cancer therapy and so does repairing them. It is something that cannot be risked at any cost.

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