Understanding Bus Plugs

If you are not an electrician or familiar with the terms used in the electric power fields, the products that make our homes and business run efficiently may be very mysterious. For some people, a bug plug sounds like its something the belongs in the automotive industry for actual busses? We are here today to get your electrical knowledge straightened out and give a inside look to what a bus plug really is and what it does.

What Is It exactly?

Bus plugs are basically what the name entails and are large industrial electric plugs that are like the ones you find in homes. However, Industrial or manufacturing plants that utilize heavy machinery require specialized power needs that is unique when compared to typical power distribution systems that are used inside residential or commercial buildings. Each bus plug is designed to connect to a specific section of bus duct or also known as busway, overhead and will then transfer electricity down to any chosen product whether it’s a lighting system or heavy equipment that needs power below. Busways were first produced in the late 1920’s for the automotive industry in Detroit and have since continued to improve and make their ways into many industrial plants to be utilized.

Why use them?

When looking at many industrial plants or buildings, many are structured in design with large open floor plans to maximize the total square footage and allow a variety of uses for the specific area. One of the major benefits of the busway and bus plug system is the flexibility of each product. With this type of installation, there is no physical hard wiring and the whole electrical system can be removed and rearranged to accommodate the building floor plan needed. As the future continues to change the machinery used, there are no concerns as to how power will be given to new equipment when things need to be moved or upgraded. Bus duct systems are a very efficient solution to get a lot of power to a big area that power distribution continues to change frequently. This is another reason why manufacturing plants need these products in order to provide large quantity of power to different areas of the building.

Proper Maintenance

Unplanned downtime can be detrimental and costly to any business and can be avoided with proper maintenance and service on products when needed. Bus ducts are extremely important in effectively providing power to switchgear and other different loads. Unfortunately, it is typical to find that critical systems that transmit power for industrial facilities are often neglected since many of people are unaware that regular maintenance and service is required even though bus ducts do not utilize moving internal parts.

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