Trends to Watch for in Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging has been the mainstay of the packaging industry for many years especially in food packaging. The label and packaging industry has risen to surprising heights since flexible film innovation. Packaging has grown and evolved to acclimate to the needs of products around the globe because of the development and utilization of these films, manufacturing practices, and continual improvements. Flexible film’s abundant characteristics such as the application of various manufacturing methods and supplementary polymer provide the means to increase the appeal to a broad spectrum of products.

Standing Out in the Crowd

Today, technical advancements have also dramatically changed how packaging is viewed. Shrink sleeve labeling is a new trend in flexible packaging changing the way consumer marketers introduce and push new products. Shrink sleeve labels wrap around products such as a bottle and or container allowing the marketer 360 degrees of space to entice a potential consumer to try their product. High impact graphics usually stand out on the grocery shelf when shrink Sleeve labeling material are used. The use of noticeable inks and patterns on the label grab attention. Many shoppers will make unintended purchases by reading these labels. Hence, to introduce a new product without spending heavily on media advertising buys, shrink sleeve labeling is an inexpensive and effective way to choose.


Traditionally, a new product rollout would be very expensive costing several hundred thousand dollars just to get minimal consumer awareness. Some campaigns would be in the millions. This is a very expensive gamble if the product did not take off as expected.

Adding New Appeal To a Product

Nowadays, marketers use shrink sleeve product marketing to affordably check their brand appeal and market potential. The shrink sleeve labeling is a new trend that is good for consumers and marketers alike. Consumers will get more choices and marketers can introduce new offerings without a major financial risk other than production and shipping cost. However, consumers may make more unplanned purchases but even this may be a good thing.


These shrink sleeve labels even allow for changes that may stimulate sell of existing store products. Some products even though they are of high quality may start to seem outdated as time goes on. A new label can add spice and appeal. The use of the shrink sleeve labeling can stimulate sales and grab an increasing share of the product demand.

Choosing a Expert to Work With

Labels work well in marketing your product especially if designed and produced by a professional shrink sleeve design and manufacturer. They must understand the consumer for which the product is targeted and have an expert knowledge of graphics and images that sell. Choosing the right shrink sleeve labeling partner is vital to any campaign. Look for a company that has experienced and has won many awards in the industry for their labels when looking to produce new product labels.

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