How Do Linear Accelerators Work to Treat Cancer?

A linear accelerator also considered as LINAC is a standard method of producing photons and electrons for radiation therapy treatments, generating energy for external beam radiation treatments for cancer. Linear accelerators now account for most of the treatment machines used today and are complex, computer-powered systems that deliver precise, highly controlled doses of radiation to treat patients. The linear accelerator triggers electrons to speed up as they penetrate a wave-guide and shoots the particles at a heavy metal target, forming high-energy x-rays. Lines of accelerated x-ray radiation are shaped to target a tumor or surgery site, limiting radiation exposure to healthy tissue while destroying the cancer cells.


For instance, a LINAC may be used during the whole breast or accelerated partial and Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT). It can be brought into the operating room for intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) during a lumpectomy for breast cancer.

Abilities of LINAC Technology

To avoid damaging healthy surrounding tissue with too high a dose of radiation during multi-session treatments, LINAC expertise are most frequently used. The most important use of LINAC technology may be its ability to target larger brain and body cancers with a reduced amount of damage to healthy surrounding tissues. The device also has several other medical uses. Its radiation can suppress the rejection of an organ transplant, restrain the immune systems of people undergoing marrow and blood replacement and alter certain cardiovascular neurological and disorders.

Receiving The Service Needed For Repairs

However, despite the numerous benefit of the LINAC, servicing linear accelerators can be a very demanding  job. Hiring full-time in-house technicians are mostly daunting as most medical facilities choose to work with a company that is on call to service medical equipment. Working with a company that provides services such as repairing LINAC systems ensure that if at any point the equipment fails, a technician is on call and can immediately begin working to get your equipment back up and running.


Repairing LINAC systems immediately is imperative to the emergent treatment of patients. Not only is it important to have a company that services LINAC system available at your fingertip, it is crucial that they have access to the parts that will be needed to fix all issues. Our linear accelerator repairs are available whenever you need it which means if your LINAC accelerator needs to be repaired bright and early on, we can come out and fix it. We offer onsite 24 hours LINAC system repair services. We’re able to respond to any repairs that involve servicing LINAC system within 24 hours or less with a trained professional headed your way.

Proper Maintenance For Your Equipment

In addition to repairing LINAC systems, we also offer equipment preventative maintenance, which virtually goes hand-in-hand with linear accelerators repairs. When you take the proper care of your linear accelerator with continuous maintenance, then you’re able to keep your equipment in tip-top shape to ensure everything is working correctly. You’re able to have many benefits to ensure your Linear accelerator is in the best shape when you employ the use of companies that are expert in repairing LINAC systems. Your life is busy with the pressures of your career already; why don’t we take a few worries from your plate and allow us to take care of all the tasks that involve servicing LINAC systems?


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