Top 5 Reasons to Purchase Refurbished Radiation Oncology Equipment

If there is anything in the world that can slightly help cancer patients, it maintains a special place in the world of medical equipment. Linear accelerators along with other oncology equipment, for this very reason, and for being very highly technological, are rather expensive. Not all medical centers that help cancer patients can afford to buy new oncology equipment. In order to help the maximum number of cancer patients treated, we recommend buying reconditioned linear accelerators. What most people think is that a refurbished linear accelerator will be faulty or may end up costing more in maintenance than a new purchase however, that isn’t true at all. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should actually opt for a refurbished linear accelerator.

Prevent Downtime In Treatment

The world isn’t a perfect place. Mishaps do happen, and they happen at the most unexpected times. If your medical center cannot afford more than one linear accelerators at one time, you can easily opt for one new and one reconditioned linear accelerator.  Equipment that isn’t faulty will be there as a backup option in case something goes wrong with the first priority equipment.

Treat More Patients

Look at it this this way: you have the budget of one new linear accelerator. That will only treat the number of patients that single equipment can handle at a time. On the other hand, you can utilize your budget to get two refurbished linear accelerators and help twice the number of patients. You’ll save some bucks and get something just as good as new.

Budget Allows for More Purchases

You can save money by purchasing refurbished equipment. This will give you room to improve your other facilities that are also required by the patients. Other than equipment, you require qualified staff, well-maintained area, and also other technology. You can do it all by staying in your budget if you opt for reconditioned equipment rather than purchasing everything new.

Financial Planning

Running a medical center isn’t just about investing in equipment or treating patients. Although that is the main aspect, there are other things to look into as well. As a business, you need to make sure that you have enough financial backup to survive even if the economic conditions go down. For this reason, you shouldn’t spend on just a single piece of new equipment.

Peace of Mind

If you’re making a well-thought purchase, your reconditioned linear accelerator will give you no trouble. Buying from a reliable source will allow you to have the peace of mind just the same way as you would when you would have bought brand new equipment. All this while you would have saved money, and probably used those dollars in another important aspect of the treatment. Your experience would be the same, whether you buy new equipment or a refurbished one.


With these 5 reasons, you shouldn’t have any more thinking to do. Start your search for a reconditioned linear accelerator in good condition right away.

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