Tips When Purchasing Linear Accelerator Parts

There are several considerations to take into account when you are purchasing parts for radiation equipment including linear accelerators.  Radiation equipment is critical and essential in running an oncology department and it is also quite costly and complicated.

One of the major decisions that you will need to make is whether to buy new or refurbished parts to repair and maintain your radiation department’s equipment.  Refurbished linear accelerator parts are suited for both repairs and maintenance.  The costs of replacement parts for radiation equipment are lower when purchasing refurbished parts.  Refurbished equipment is ideal for medical companies that are starting out, purchasing additional pieces, research companies, veterinarians, and industrial purposes.

Advantages of Refurbished

Some of the reasons for buying refurbished linear accelerators and refurbished parts for radiation equipment include:

  • To Grow a Practice: Refurbished linear accelerator and refurbished parts free up resources and minimize costs as you upgrade your practice whether that involves opening a new center, a new treatment room, or spare equipment to have on hand.
  • Manage Expenses: Refurbished linear accelerators and refurbished parts help manage the risk of investing in costly new equipment during turbulent periods and help you stay afloat in times of financial constraints.
  • Flexibility: Refurbished linear accelerators and refurbished parts provide you the flexibility of having a backup system that you can fall back on when your existing system develops a problem.

What To Think about when Purchasing

There are many factors to consider when buying radiation equipment and parts for linear accelerators, CT scanners and other oncology equipment.

  1. Proper Planning – There are several factors that go into the planning aspect as you make your buying decision. You need to identify and understand what your clinical goals are and what type of technology you will require delivering quality service. Factors to consider include whether you plan on going fully digital to the type of defined treatment field you want to achieve.

Site planning requirements is another factor to consider because installation of linear accelerator parts for radiation equipment requires important considerations such as room dimensions, power, local permits, water supply and future equipment technology.

The timeline for completing your project is critical for planning and executing milestones such as installation dates, equipment acceptance testing dates and going live with the linear accelerator parts. It is important to factor in some level of flexibility in your project timeline so as to account for unforeseen developments and challenges.

Your budget will determine the technology, manufacturer, and age of your equipment acquisition. A limited budget can influence you to go for refurbished linear accelerator parts for your radiation equipment. This also ensures available resources to effectively carry out other essential operations of your practice.

  1. An Experienced Team – The successful implementation of linear accelerator parts requires good cohesion with various experts ranging from the equipment provider to the physics support team to the IT integration team to the clinical implementation team.

Have A Professional Do Install

It is important to ensure that the experts who are handling this implementation are specialists in their own field and have the requisite experience and expertise to execute. Perform due diligence background on the equipment provider for your linear accelerator parts for the radiation equipment to ensure maximum reliability and vendor accountability. Invest in an equipment provider that not only sells you the equipment but also provides post-installation support.

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