Tips for Purchasing Refurbished Linear Accelerators

Servicing a LINAC system requires a lot of carefully planned procedures.  This is because servicing a linear accelerator incorrectly would have effects on the LINAC machine itself.  LINAC systems are very complex and sophisticated piece of medical equipment, hence one must be experienced to repair medical equipment of such complexity.

Refurbished VS New

A linear accelerator is a device commonly used for treating cancerous tumors.  Because of this singular reason, it is very difficult to really choose if getting new parts or repairing the machine is going to be feasible or if purchasing a new or refurbished linear accelerator is a better choice for your need.


Refurbished linear accelerators and refurbished parts are suited for both repairs and maintenance.  They are suitable for startup medical companies, research companies, and companies that are looking to purchase additional pieces.  The cost of purchasing a refurbished linear accelerator and accelerators parts are low in comparison to buying a new one.


Buying a refurbished linear accelerator is advantageous in growing a medical practice and managing expenses at the same time. There are important things to note when buying a refurbished linear accelerator.  It is imperative to plan.

Factors To Consider When Planning A Purchase

Plan for a new piece of medical equipment by defining your clinical goals and what technology would bring your desired results before setting out to purchase the refurbished linear accelerator.  In planning, their important things you need to consider.


  • SITE – Room dimension, power, water supply, local permits, room dimension, and future technology are very important considerations to be made when installing a radiation equipment such as a linear accelerator.
  • BUDGET – The technology, manufacturer, and age of your acquired equipment is a function of your budget. This is one of the reasons why purchasing a refurbished linear accelerator is advised for startups – it affords them the chance to carry out another essential part of their practice.
  • TIMING – It is vital for achieving milestone such as equipment acceptance testing date, installation date, and going live with the linear accelerator. It is cool to be flexible with the timing.

Using the Professionals

Since the process is handled by different experts, it is imperative for them to form a cohesive team. The equipment provider, the physics support team, IT integration team, and the clinical implementation team must all work in agreement for the successful implementation of the linear accelerator.


A professional should handle the installation of the linear accelerator. A linear accelerator should only be installed by a specialist in his field and must possess a wealth of experience and expertise. Doing a thorough background check on linear accelerator equipment providers is important for credibility, accountability and reliability purpose.

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