Three Reasons Your Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping

Electrical issues tend to create a feeling of anxiety and frustration to the homeowner. In this age, reconditioned electrical components are a blessing that has helped much to improve the electrical sustainability in the home; but still, many people are not using it due to a lack of awareness. The homeowners don’t know what’s wrong, but rather suddenly, they lose access to the power.

To repair the circuit breaker, they are habitual of spending lots of money repeatedly but don’t invest in refurbished electrical components because they don’t know what’s going on at the back. Let’s have a look.

Firstly, you would have to understand what is a circuit breaker trip?

It comes because of a circuit fixed to your electrical switch surpassing its sheltered parameters. They can be recognized by a sudden loss of energy to machine or loss of power in your home that is restricted to a zone.  There is a lot of issues that can bring about circuit breaker trips and following are the some of the top 3 reasons for an electrical breaker stumbling in your home.


A circuit over-loading is effortlessly the most widely recognized explanation behind a breaker trip. This basically implies that you have quite recently got excessive stuff stacked on the breaker. Breakers have a proper safe limit of energy from which they supply to your appliances and home. In the event, if it would be exceeded, the breaker will trip. You will witness this frequently when you endeavor to introduce another appliance where your electrical framework cannot bolster it, or if you connect to a powerful machine like a space radiator in a zone that does not have the entrance to safe amperage.

For example: If anyone has a 20-amp electrical circuit with 25 amps of electrical current running through it and at some time if you are using iron, hair dryer, and washing machine, then eventually the circuit breaker will trip to save itself from preheating.


This thing happens when a hot wire encounters another hot wire(s). You will generally observe darkening around the outlet or burning smell when this happens. Also, in case you are managing a short-out, don’t interface with your outlet by any means. Leave the breaker tripping, and call emergency help as soon as possible.

Ground Fault

A ground fault is genuinely like a short circuit, if not indistinguishable. The distinction is in the collaboration. A ground fault is a point at which a hot wire meets your establishing wire, and along these lines, the protected establishing of your outlet winds up void and dangerous. Handle this in a similar way you would do the precautions with the short circuit.

Now you would have an idea about the reasons why your circuit breakers keep tripping and what you should do when it does.

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