The Importance of a YouTube Presence for The Success of Any Business

With the creation of television came the start of an era where technology including video would rule how we gather information.  This advancement and the progress of technology since has increased the effects that video has in building a successful marketing campaign.  Video technology is without a doubt a powerful source when impacting consumers decisions.  Engaging video content influences its audience and therefore is a necessary element when creating a complete digital marketing campaign

Thankfully for the marketers of today there is a cost-effective source to introduce your brand via video, YouTube.  YouTube video creation isn’t a new concept however the way it fits into a digital marketing strategy is. Long gone are the days of lengthy videos with production crews and long hours editing and in with technology that makes video creation affordable and simple. 

You know longer need a Hollywood produced video to launch your brand, low barriers to enter the video market have made it possible to start launching videos at just pennies of what it once did.  Videos can be something simple as snap shots of how products are made or something as simple as snippets of working with clients.  Slideshow videos or one person showcasing your company or their project, it is all about offering something unique to your clients. 

Ever heard of “going viral”?  Your videos need to be watched so our job as marketers is to create something people will want to watch.  One drawback to the ease at which YouTube videos can be created is that the market becomes saturated.  In order for your business to stand out amongst the crowd it is crucial that videos are created that speak to consumers by sharing a quick, memorable snippet that reaches your audience and persuades them to seek more information.  When this is achieved you are one more step closer to digital marketing success. 

Creating A YouTube Presence

YouTube is a terrific platform for companies looking to advertise.  Previous advertising efforts involved the creation of commercials and finding channels which were deemed to share similar target audiences.  Of course, there was more too it but essentially the goal was to have your companies’ video/commercial reach people that were interested in what was being offered.  The problem however was that the reach of the video was based on an educated guess. Thankfully, we no longer have to operate like this.

YouTube however let you target your audience not only through online videos but ad placement as well.  When a user watch’s a topic specific they are then shown ads related to that; this is known as placement based on contextual user intent.  

Another method of targeting is based on online behaviors.  Ads and videos will use the search history and website cookies of the user to show more ads and videos related to the topic. 

Sometimes the best way to target an audience is based on the user’s demographics and geographic information.  Videos and ads will be shown to individuals within a specific region despite recent searches or videos that have been watched. 

Because of these qualities and more, YouTube is an essential element in all digital marketing strategies.  In order to grow your business and online presence it is important to become a recognizable fixture in this online fixture. 

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