What’s the Difference Between Computer Viruses and Malware?

Often the terms malware and computer virus are used interchangeably however they are in fact not the same.  A computer virus is just one type of malware that a computer can become infected with.  It is a commonly used term to describe an infection within a computer system.  The term malware is a broader term and refers to any and all malicious software that infects a computer, including a computer virus.  Two common types of malware that users are familiar with are spyware and adware.  It is crucial that users install protection software to fight off new malware as it occurs. 

Malware infections are infecting computer systems and mobile devices at growing rate.  Malware is a software program that has been created to cause damage and spread infection from a host system to systems the host comes in “contact” with.  Including computer viruses, malware includes various types of software including trojan horses, worms, adware, and spyware.  The most aggressive malware, known as ransomware, works to gain financially from computer users. 

Viruses:  As previously stated, a computer virus is one type of malware on its own.  A virus is infectious software code that is used to infect a host system and spreads when it runs.  Computer viruses are most often spread when software is shared between computers.  It is similar to a parasite in that the virus “feeds” off the host computer and spreads from the host.  Once the host shares the virus it then continues to spread to systems that it is shared with.   A lot of users with viruses end up with them due to receiving and opening an email that has a virus infection. The more the email is shared, the more systems ultimately become infected.

Adware: Infected software that comes through in the form of advertisements is known as adware.  This type of malware that provides advertisements in order to bring in revenue for the source.  The infected ad is shown to the computer user and when the ad is installed the system is infected.  Adware software is coded in a manner that it uses the sites that users often visit to create related ads.  Although all adware does not have the intent to harmful it becomes a problem because it slows down computer function and can be quite aggravating. 

Spyware: Software that spies on your online activity and tracks where you go on the internet in order to gather information on the user is known as spyware.  Users do not consent to the tracking and often do not know it is running.  Spyware is a difficult type of malware to detect.  Employers may install spyware programs to monitor the online activity of users.  Employer installed spyware software will not spread.

Worms:  A worm is a malware type that duplicates itself and annihilates the information and files that are saved on the pc including the operating and data files.

Trojan: Trojans are a virus that has been created in a manner that builds user trust by making them think they are about to tun a safe program.  They are designed to steal information and then take over the files within the computer system.  In larger commercial settings, Trojans can make network resources unavailable to users when they try to reach it.

Ransomware: The most malicious type of malware is known as ransomware.  Users are unable to access the system until they have paid a fee.  Often times a pop-up shows on the computer screen which states the user has been locked out.  It will state that a ransom fee needs to be paid in order to remove any restrictions that have been placed on the system.  Cryptolocker is the most well-known type of ransomware today. 

If you believe that your personal computer, server, or network workstation has become infected with malware it is critical that the system is shut down and immediately scanned by software that is specifically designed to locate and remove infections.  The professional IT specialists at Creative Programs and Systems can perform these scans via remote desktop, in person at your location, or on-site in our Brighton, MI location. 

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Computer Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

Computers have become a vital item that everyone needs to use on a regular, if not daily basis.  While many people, especially the younger generations, thrive with technology, some of us simply need to take things slow as we learn about each aspect of these devices.  Thankfully, the basics are extremely easy to learn about, which means that you can take care of some of your own minor computer needs and repairs.

One of the first things that you will want to ensure is completed on your computer is the installation of an anti-virus software.  Of course, once you have this software installed, you will want to make sure that it is scanning your computer for viruses frequently and that you keep the software up to date.  These scans can be set to automatically run in the background.

If you are noticing that your computer is running slower than usual or that you are having issues with certain websites, you may think that it is time to take your computer in for updates.  However, you may be able to solve these issues on your own by simply clearing the cache on your browser.

We know that you are grabbing snacks to devour as you are working on your computer, and while there is nothing wrong with that, you will find that your keyboard and computer can get a little dirty after a while.  A buildup of crumbs underneath the keys of your keyboard can also prevent you from typing the way that you want to, which is why we recommend keeping all these areas clean.  A damp cloth will keep surface stains away, while compressed air can eliminate all those crumbs and the dust that has become stuck to them.

Many people are tempted to keep their laptops plugged into the outlet for long periods of time, or forever, but it is not something that we recommend that you do.  The reason for this is that you will find that after a while, your battery will not be able to hold a charge for any length of time, which means that you will not be able to use it unless you have an outlet nearby.

One of the best things that you can do to prolong the life of your computer is making sure that you turn it off each night, or when you are done using it for the day.  This is one of the most important computer services that we recommend, and you will find that your computer will last months or even years longer than any of the ones that you have owned in the past.

It doesn’t take a certified technician to complete certain computer services or computer repairs, which is why we are confident that you can take care of the items above, as well as a few others.  Of course, there are certain computer repairs or computer services that only a person well-versed in computers should tackle, and those are the ones that you should steer clear of at all times!

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