Maintaining LINAC Systems with OEM Replacement Parts

Any electrical equipment that is repeatedly used will break down due to several reasons such as improper maintenance or lack thereof. They can also malfunction owing to poor electrical connections, overrunning the machine’s capability, having an untrained individual operate the equipment, including not replacing worn out parts when needed.

The Importance Of LINAC Parts

A linear accelerator (LINAC) is a very complex medical device that delivers high-energy X-rays to treat patients with cancer. Each component within a LINAC system is important, and all of them need to continually undergo rigorous, cleaning, testing, and maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

Linear accelerators Parts are very costly, and most LINAC owners often consider the option of buying a brand-new unit instead of paying for outrageously high repair parts costs, including maintenance and upkeep fees. Even though all LINAC parts have separate but vital functions, they are linked to each other and therefore, need to work in cohesion. Any breakdown of one of the parts can lead to a ripple effect that may render the whole system useless.

Cooling the LINAC Parts

The linear accelerator works by producing high energy particle beams, thus making the cooling system inclined to overheat. Depending on the model, most LINACs use a water cooling system that provides thermal stability to the system and allows the gantry and drive stand to operate at a constant temperature.

Today there are technologically advanced air-cooled chillers for LINAC cooling systems that are would probably cost more to replace a broken system. There are several independent oncology equipment refurbishing companies that have original equipment manufacturer (OEM) LINAC replacement parts, which even though they are also costly, however, once these LINAC parts are replaced, the system can continue to work like new.

The only concern when using such a complex and volatile piece of equipment is to maximize its uptime and minimizing on the overall total cost of ownership. Having said that, LINAC parts are available through the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) online or through a local dealer. The catch-22 is, do you go the economical way, such as scouring the local neighborhood depot to find the cheapest option that will work anyway, or do you stick with the original manufacturer’s LINAC parts?

Purchasing Replacement Parts

While the LINAC parts you find locally will probably serve you for a while until you can afford an OEM, but when it comes to quality, the materials will not be the same as the original. You can end up with a new replacement LINAC part that does not match up in the case of complicated parts and assemblies.

Maintaining LINAC systems with the original equipment manufacturer replacement parts also guarantee warranty coverage on each piece of equipment and in case the system fails, you can file a warranty claim provided the replacement parts that have been used match the manufacturer specifications. Using OEM LINAC parts also ensures the related components are compatible with the system, they are durable, and most importantly, they are reliable.

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