Is Your Website Ready for the Mobile Revolution?

The way we live is forever changed with each new advancement in technology, especially mobile technology.  Mobile technology is changing at a rapid pace and our responsibility is to keep pace with these changes.   As customers change how they use the internet and how they engage with business it is up to us to evolve as well.

If you don’t believe in the theory of a mobile technology revolution it is time to take the blinders off and look around.  If you step outside and look around, you will see people everywhere using their smart phones in one form or another.  It is interesting to see the shift in internet use as we move from desktops to laptops and now into a world of mobile devices.  Each advancement in technology and how our access to it has changed end user interactions.

Consider the following:

82% of us browse the internet on their phone

61% of us search with their smartphones each and everyday

94% of smartphone users look for local information and 84% take actions because of it

47% of us visit business or service websites

77% of us use our smartphones to research products and services

(Our Mobile Planet: United States of America. Understanding the Mobile Consumer. May 2013.

From the statistics above you can see that almost 50% of the visitors to your website are from smartphone users.  Problems arise when visitors seek out sites that are coded improperly and are not mobile responsive and therefore basically unusable when viewed on a smart device.  Websites that are not mobile friendly are still viewable on smartphones however are practically unable to be interacted with.  A non-mobile responsive site will show up as a micro version of itself.

Users will only be able to garner information from zooming in and scrolling left to right on the text.  Website menus will be super tiny and frustrating to work with.  If your site is not programmed to be viewed correctly on mobile devices you could be losing upwards of 50% of your customers to the competitors who have already upgraded to a mobile responsive website design.  No user wants to scroll in and out on a website to gather information.  As advancements in technology shows us, end users are all about ease of use and convenience.  Mobile friendly, responsive website design is critical for the growth of your storefront and online business.

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