How Does A Linear Accelerator Improve Radiation Therapy?

With todays technology treating cancer through radiation therapy is completely customized to each specific patient’s need.  Linear accelerators deliver cutting-edge radiation therapy; providing one of the most advanced cancer treatment techniques available.  Linear accelerators are able to deliver targeted radiation beams directly onto a patient’s cancerous growths with minimal damage to the healthy surrounding tissue. 

Oncologists often recommend radiation therapy using linear accelerator technology to treat new cancer diagnosis as it often improves the chance of a good outcome. Below are a number of the benefits that cancer patients find that LINAC offer in cancer treatment.

Personalized Care

Using detailed imagery linear accelerators pinpoint cancerous tumors with amazing precision.  This technique is known as image-guided radiation therapy.  Treatment with LINAC allows for radiologists to compensate for the shrinkage of the tumor and its movement.   Radiation therapists will treat tumors individually before each treatment session to account for the varying size and shape of the tumor and its changing position in the body.  This allows them to directly deliver radiation to the cancerous cells to shrink and destroy them.  Technicians can target cancer more accurately which decreases the risk to healthy tissue. 

Treatment to Any Part of The Body

Cancer can grow in any part of your body.  Thankfully, linear accelerators are able to treat them wherever they are.  Radiation therapy, using linear accelerators allows for the targeting of cancerous growths no matter where they are including: prostate, uterus, cervix, and/or prostate.

Higher Cure Rates

With the advanced technology in treating cancer that linear accelerators offer, specialists are able to monitor and adjust for shrinking tumors on a daily basis.  This means that each treatment is aimed more directly at the cancerous tumor which increases the effectiveness of the treatment and encourages a higher cure rate. 

Increased Comfort in Treatment

Treating cancer can seem incredible scary.  Treatment sessions can be long and uncomfortable but thankfully treating cancer with linear accelerators makes radiation sessions faster and more comfortable.  LINAC treatment sessions which may have lasted 10 to 30 minutes can now be completed in less than two minutes.  Quicker treatments make more patients less anxious and more comfortable.  

It is easy to see how LINAC improve the treatment of cancer.  Linear accelerators make cancer treatment faster, increase cure rates, and can be customized to each individual’s patients needs.  Radiation therapist plans develop personalized treatment plans that include education and support.

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