Are There Benefits of Purchasing Reconditioned Electrical Parts and Equipment?

Reconditioned electrical components and equipment are a popular option within the industry because of the benefits and tangible environmental, social, economic, and political climate benefits they provide.  Manufacturing, industrial, and organizational facilities are interested in saving money when purchasing and maintaining electrical equipment and parts thus the popularity of reconditioned electrical products.  There are many immeasurable benefits that are attached with refurbished electrical products some of which we will discuss below.

Saving Electrical Jobs

Manufacturing jobs are scarce no matter where in the world you are.  The industry on a whole has seen stagnated growth.  Not only is manufacturing taking a hit but so are the training programs and schools that prepare skilled workers.  Refurbishing is a trend in that is helping to turn those statistics around.  Reconditioning offers on-the-job training which increases the demand for skilled workers.  

Good for the Environment

A major concern we are facing is how our daily lives are affecting the environment and world we are leaving for our children.  This is another benefit that comes with reconditioning.  Industrial plants are a major source of usable electrical equipment and components.  When plants close companies like J & P Electrical are called in to strip usable electrical assets from the location to be refurbished and resold.  This process helps prevent usable electrical products from filling up landfills and converting them into refurbished equipment and components.  Reconditioning electrical components guarantees that they are disassembled, cleaned, plated, updated, tested, inspected, and finally able to be resold.

Increased Safety

Electrical equipment such as circuit breakers and transformers can cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace.  Often what this means is that facilities will continue to use faulty equipment far past the point at which it is safe.  Reconditioned circuit breakers or refurbished transformers are a game changer as they cost significantly less than new.  By using reconditioned parts not only do organizations save money, they significantly reduce downtime.  Manufactures save money while increasing safety by using quality reconditioned electrical components

It is important to recognize that reconditioned products are not counterfeit products.  Refurbishment is the process that brings older electrical equipment and components back to a level that often exceeds original manufacturer requirements.  Some components are obsolete, and reconditioning allows equipment that is still useable to run.  Newer components are often not supported by older machines. 

J & P Electrical Company is a full-service electrical company that supplies contractors, end users, and supply houses with new surplus, quality reconditioned, and obsolete electrical equipment. We purchase a wide range of electrical equipment such as bus plugs, bud ducts, panel switches, substations, and transformers.  More information can be found at

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