5 Ways Purchasing Refurbished Equipment Benefits Your Company

Any credible method that you can use to cut costs, lower your overhead, and still make money while growing their business, without compromising quality is always recommended. Therefore, don’t close the door on getting what you need when you are on a limited budget as tends to happen in many businesses because there are cost-effective ways to make significant savings when you purchase refurbished equipment. You may just shave a few hundred dollars off your operating costs. Consider the following:

  • Cost Savings

Take this, for example, if you are a medical or radiation oncologist running a private clinic to treat cancer patients, you already know that a linear accelerator costs a pretty penny, therefore, you do all you can to avoid purchasing a new one, right? Buying a refurbished linear accelerator from a reputable service company that specializes in the upgrade, repair and maintenance of linear accelerators and CT scanners would save you a lot of money.

  • Preserving Compatibility

When you need to replace broken equipment or parts, and you must use the same equipment with the same specifications (as some policies may stipulate), it’s easy to find the exact match from a supplier of refurbished linear accelerator or CT scanners, that will be much cheaper than a purchasing the original parts. If you are purchasing parts from a reputable service company, the good thing is that they ensure that the refurbished equipment is thoroughly tested before re-selling it to ensure that it’s safe to use.

  • Save On Software Licensing

If you have been using an older version of a linear accelerator and you want to upgrade it, buying a license for new parts will cost you more than buying the same refurbished parts for a whole lot less, and chances are, they may still have the original license. Recycling licenses will reduce spending, support and maintenance costs as well as increase the efficiency and value of your equipment without breaking the bank.

  • Sustainability

You will be doing your small part in the way of reducing the increasing volumes of e-waste being generated every year by purchasing a refurbished linear accelerator or CT scanners. The sheer amount of electronic equipment that is disposed of every day contain materials that render them hazardous. While such equipment can be reused, refurbished, or recycled but our reliance on new products has led to the rise of e-waste. Therefore, before you buy a brand-new device, it’s important to consider upgrading the hardware or software of your old equipment if it hasn’t reached its end of life or usefulness.

  • Reliability

Very little is known about the latest model of any device in the market, and you can experience unknown issues with such equipment and not have anyone that fully understands how to fix it. Buying a refurbished linear accelerator that has had plenty of time to be tested and certified to be safe can save you a lot of bother and unnecessary downtime.

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