5 Reasons New Clinics Should Purchase Refurbished Radiation Oncology Equipment

New medical clinics have a lot of start-up costs in order to get the business running. You have to spend extra money on staff, marketing, and equipment in order to get the clinic up and running. Owners will do anything to be able to save on these hefty start-up costs and that’s just one reason new clinics should think about purchasing refurbished linear accelerators and refurbished CT scanners instead of on new radiation oncology equipment. Here are a few more reasons why refurbished equipment might be a better idea than buying new:

Patient Count

As you get the new clinic off the ground, you might not be super packed with patients in the beginning. Because you’re not getting a ton of revenue at first, a refurbished linear accelerator will be cheaper than a new one. This in turn means fewer patients to cover your clinic’s costs.

Allocate Money Elsewhere

You want to put money in other parts of your business. If you’d like to use more of your budget on something else, refurbished CT scanners will be a more cost-effective option. This way you can spend more on staff or marketing to get more patients in your clinic.

Radiation Treatment Is Only a Small Portion of Your Business

If you don’t need all the new fancy whistles that many new radiation oncology equipment has, then a refurbished one will be a better option. This occurs when radiation treatment is only a fraction of the business new medical clinics will see.

To Use as a Back Up

If your clinic already has a new linear accelerator and just want another as a back up, a refurbished one will do the trick. This way you have a spare in case one goes down and patient care will not suffer as well as you can eventually treat more patients which in turn will grow your clinic.

Your Medical Facility Needs More Than One

For the price of one new linear accelerator, you can easily purchase two refurbished ones for that same price.  Another benefit being that many kinks and bugs have been worked out of refurbished equipment whereas newer equipment is still figuring itself  out.

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