Wedding Consultants: Helping Brides Through Issues They Probably Haven’t Even Thought of Yet

No matter how prepared a bride and groom are there will always be circumstances outside of their control when it comes to planning for the big day.  To prepare yourself we have come up with a list of issues our brides and grooms have run into and how to handle them if (when) you run into them while planning your wedding.

Awkwardness in the Workplace:

  • In wedding planning there will always be people that think that they should have been invited to your special day. A lot of brides and grooms struggle with invitations for their boss and coworkers.  As a couple you are under absolutely no obligation to invite anyone to your wedding.  The best way to avoid awkwardness is to address the issue head on letting people know that it is nothing personal but that your wedding invitations are being limited only to family and close family friends.  This will help people understand why they have not received an invitation.  If you are not going to be inviting people from your workplace to the wedding it is best to keep wedding talk to a minimum.

Bridesmaids and Groomsman Budgets:

  • There is a slight chance you may hear some grumbles when it comes to the expenses associated with taking part in your wedding. When you consider the costs associated with being in a wedding don’t forget to consider all of the parties, the attire, the presents, and everything in between.  It is important that as the bride and groom you take them into consideration as you are choosing attire.  Try to choose a style that is affordable and that they may be able to use again.  Black suits for gentleman and simple, yet stylish dresses can be perfectly suitable.  If you are a bride that always dreamed of glitz and flash (otherwise a dress that will never be worn again) consider offering to split the expense.


  • This is the absolute worst part of wedding planning for most couples, getting people to respond! If the date you expected the RSVP’s back has come and gone it is time to get on the phone.  Never assume that those guests are not coming instead reach out and touch base with them or if it is a family friend have your parents reach out.  When it comes to a final head count it is better never to assume that people are not coming.  If you cannot reach them error on the side of caution.  It is better to have more food than and seats than not enough!


  • This is another tricky area to regulate and thankfully that is why you have hired people. To avoid the scenario of drunken, inappropriate toasts, or toasts from any guest who can get a hold of the microphone speak to your DJ and wedding coordinator about the “rules” of the microphone.  Make sure they understand that under no circumstance should the microphone be handed over to any other guests than the ones that have already been preapproved by the two of you.

There are so many little things that can and will go wrong.  Some you may know about; others may be hidden from you because after all you shouldn’t worry…It’s Your Day!  Whatever happens it is important to remember at the end of the day the only aspect that is truly important is that the two of you become one.

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