Using Smart Technology in Age in Place Renovations

You do not need to be old or in poor health before you begin doing a little age in place remodeling, and in fact, you are quite intelligent if you choose to do it prior to the time you will need it.  While you have plenty of options available to you for age in place remodeling, one stands out more than the rest.  That option is using smart technology, and most of it will make your life super easy, both now and in the future.

Here are 5 types of smart technology that you should include in your age in place renovations:

  • Personal Assistance Devices

There are a couple different personal assistance devices available on the market, and you can choose whether you prefer Google’s Home, Amazon’s Alexa, or one of the others.  This device can remind you to take your medications, that your doctor’s appointment is coming up, or even to call your doctor.  You can even ask these devices a question that you do not know the answer to and it will give you the answer.

  • Smart Lights

You will not need to worry about walking around in the dark as you search for a light switch after you include smart lights in your age in place remodeling plan.  Smart lights can be turned on and off from an app on a smartphone or tablet and they can keep you from falling unnecessarily.

  • Video Doorbells

Older people are often targets for criminals and other unsavory people, but you can install a video doorbell during an age in place remodel to prevent a disaster from happening.  You can see who is on your front step, as well as carry on a conversation with them, all without opening the door or moving from where you are.

  • CookStop Devices

Leaving a stove on can be quite dangerous for anyone, which is why the CookStop devices were created.  You can install the CookStop and it will automatically turn your stove off after it has been on for a predetermined amount of time.  You can adjust the settings to meet your needs, and an alarm will always alert you right before it turns the stove off, so that you can turn it back on if necessary.

  • Keyless Door Locks

Fumbling with keys can be a thing of the past once you install a keyless door lock during your age in place remodel.  You can purchase one that needs to be opened via an app on your smartphone or you can choose one that you push the buttons and enter a code to get the lock to flip open.

All this smart technology will be of great assistance to you and it can all be installed during an age in place remodeling project.  You could wait to do an age in place remodel, but then you wouldn’t be able to use all this wonderful technology now.

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