Twists on Wedding Guest Books

A wedding is one of those occasions that is both steeped in tradition but still has a sense of uniqueness for the couple who are celebrating their vows with their family and friends. There is much planning that goes into preparing for the monumental day for the couple and part of preparation is something that will help them remember that day far into the future.


One of those items is the guestbook, this is where all people who attend the wedding ceremony sign in and create a permanent record of all of the people who witnessed the big occasion. Most guest books are as the name would imply, a book with a fancy cover and pages for the guests to sign their name. However, if you are looking for a unique way to remember that special day and want to find a unique idea for a different type of guest “book”, that is not really a book.


10 Unique alternatives to the traditional guest book


The Wedding Tree – This unique framed tree with numerous leaves that are ready for each guest to sign on when they arrive at the wedding location.


The Custom Design – You can add unique pictures of you and your spouse to be on each page as a way to change up the traditional guest book.


The Bucket List – The Bucket List is a unique way that you can get your guest to sign in and leave a special note that they see fit.


The Puzzle Pieces – This really unique idea can be an especially good choice as it can be taken out every year and looked at to bring back memories of the special day.


The Fingerprint Tree – The fingerprint tree or flower depending on your preference, is an interesting way for your guests to leave their mark on your special day.


Love Notes – Love Notes is a very unique idea that you and your guests might really enjoy that it is interactive. You encourage your guests to leave a special note about you, your spouse or the both of you.


Photo Booth – The Photo Booth is a really popular thing these days for parties and you can work this is in as guest book by having your guests have their picture taken and sign the picture and drop it a box.


The Big Letter – The Big Letter is one of the most iconic weddings gives and you can turn one of these into a guest book and have all of your guests sign a different part of the letter.


Calendar Reminder – This is one of the more unique ideas, in that you have your guests sign in on their birthday.


Beautiful Board – For the DIYer in you, this beautiful board idea is about as unique as you can get. Decorate a nice plank of wood and have your leave a note or just simply sign in.


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