The Process of Refurbishing Linear Accelerators

As you may have guessed, linear accelerators are widely sought after because of the vital role they play in human health. They provide treatment support for the notorious world disease called cancer. The high demand for linear accelerators also is the cause of its cost making it quite exorbitant that only a few can afford it. No wonder even some countries hardly boast of more than a unit while some have none. The machine saves lives, and since the cost of acquiring new ones may seem a no-go area for some, they find solace in refurbished linear accelerators to the widespread of the deadly cancer. The good news is it does not matter whether you buy new or refurbished linear accelerators, they all function like new.

Your decision to buy new or refurbished linear accelerators depends on your pocket and the urgency of needs. Anyone wanting refurbished accelerator needs to know that being a refurbished machine doesn’t mean its faulty or less in bad shape; it means any part that won’t allow it to function in pristine condition has been replaced. What you are getting is the same fully functional machine where the only difference is the amount you bought it.

To put your mind at rest, let’s briefly look at the processes of refurbishing linear accelerators to see why it is good as new.

Refurbished Linear Accelerators Process of Refurbishment

It should be soundly evident that refurbishing a linear accelerator is the job of highly competent engineers trained in the technology and who have experienced the working of oncology devices. It is also the key to buying refurbished oncology machine; engage only tested and trusted professionals in the field. By no means is this an all-comers affair; only experts who understand the working and technology of the device can recommend what is right or not.

The Process of Refurbishing LINAC Systems

  • Expertise: Factory trained engineers, state of the art refurbishing facility. Refurbishing oncology devices need competent, factory trained engineers who will handle the replacement of the part in a refurbishing facility designed for the purpose. With this condition met, the following refurbishing process will commence.
  • Precision Engineering: Every part of the device will undergo a rigorous functionality testing to determine which part is oaky and those needing replacing. A dose output beam testing is done to check flatness and symmetry and dosimetry system. This is followed by MLC AND Portal Vision operational and calibration testing.
  • Cosmetic Process: After every part functionality testing is satisfactorily done the aesthetics of the equipment is then attended to for quality assurance and presentation. This covers the painting and couch facility for the patient.
  • Shipment: Once the refurbished linear accelerator is ready, the next stage is shipment to convey it to its next host. On this step, detailed shipment inventory list is generated to ensure every item is accounted for and ready for delivery. The means of shipment, by air, land or sea is determined and arranged.
  • Installation: The final journey to the host is accomplished and now ready for installation to commence operation.

Receiving The Qualified Personnel

Highly trained medical engineers and service personnel are used throughout the refurbishment process of LINAC systems. There is no gainsaying the machine is a complicated piece of equipment that needs the handling of the right experts to handle specific parts.

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