The Many Reasons You Should Use A Broker When Signing Up for Medigap

The road to finding the perfect fit from a Medigap policy is long and hard.  With all the decisions that need to be made it is advisable for seniors to meet with a Medigap broker before choosing a plan to accompany your Medicare Part A and Part B insurance.  Below we have listed the top reasons that it is necessary to use a Medigap broker when looking for supplemental insurance.

  • A Medigap Broker Offers a Centralized Location to Compare All Available Plans

With more than 30 private insurance companies offering Medigap’s 10 available plans there is a lot to consider.  To make an educated decision a Medigap broker supplies you with a full list of plans and providers in your area and will help advise you based on price, customer ratings, the company’s reputation, and forecast for the future.

  • Medigap Brokers Loyalty Lies with You, Their Customer Not the Insurance Provider

Medigap brokers are only paid when you sign up for a plan.  No matter what insurance provider they choose, they will get compensated.  Their allegiance is with you their customer, they want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your insurance.  If you are not happy with the company that is providing you with insurance, it is then the brokers job to mediate the situation.

  • A Medigap Broker Is Your Direct Representative to Call with Concerns

Although there are often very few issues that arise once you have picked a Medigap plan occasionally a problem may arise.  When they do, you have a direct contact to solve them.  A Medigap broker has a direct financial interest in making sure you are completely satisfied.

  • Medigap Brokers Complete Most of the Enrollment Work for You

Seriously, have you looked at the enrollment form you are required to fill out to enroll in Medigap coverage?  Yep, it can vary between ten and fifteen pages!  No one has the time for that.  A Broker helps complete the application with minimal work needing to be done directly by you.

  • A Medigap Broker Adds Valuable Services

Once again, Medigap Brokers only get paid when they keep providing you services, so they are going to do what ever it takes to keep you informed and happy with the services they are providing.  This means that when annual reviews are needed it is not on you to remember; brokers contact you and make sure that are informed of all the latest news and updates within the Medicare arena.

  • Medigap Brokers Are Free to You

The best part of using a Medigap Broker is that their services do not cost you any additional money.  Medigap enrollees do not directly pay you for your services.  Instead a portion of the premiums that are paid to enroll in Medigap is allotted to cover their services.  Why not use a service that is being paid from your premiums whether you use them or not?

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