Removal and Disposal of Medical Equipment

Technology is continuously changing and what was a brand-new machine last year, might be three models behind three hundred and sixty-five days later.  That means that it is not uncommon for hospitals and medical practices to remove and dispose of their medical equipment on a regular basis.  After all, they all want to offer the latest technological advances to their patients.

One of the first things that needs to be completed for linear accelerator removal, CT scanner disposal, or getting rid of any other medical equipment is to remove any of the personal patient information that may be stored on it.  This needs to be completed to meet HIPAA regulations and guidelines, but also to ensure that no patient will have their information getting into the wrong hands.

Some older equipment can always have the information removed and then the equipment can be sold to medical businesses who are looking to upgrade their equipment without spending a lot of money.  This is a great way for businesses to get some money for their CT scanner or linear accelerator removal and put it towards their future purchase.

Of course, it is not always possible to sell older medical equipment, and in those instances, it is best to send the equipment for recycling.  This will ensure that all these medical devices are not filling up landfills, plus some of the parts may be able to be used to repair broken down equipment.

Medical facilities will want to make sure that they are following all the federal guidelines, as well as their state guidelines for their linear accelerator removal and CT scanner disposal.  If they don’t, they will find that they are responsible for paying fines and fees that can be tens of thousands of dollars.

Every medical facility will have their own guidelines that they want to follow as well, which means that the removal and disposal of medical equipment is never going to always be the same.  Some facilities may try to sell their old medical equipment prior to purchasing new equipment, while others will have a new piece of equipment ready to be installed prior to removing the older version.

Medical facilities cannot face any down time with their equipment, because their patients would needlessly suffer.  That is why many places have detailed plans in place, so that they are ready when they are facing a linear accelerator removal or CT scanner disposal.

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