Qualifying For Medigap in Tennessee

If you are a Tennessee resident and are looking to qualify for a Medigap plan, then you will have to take into account a few different things. First of all, Medigap recipients must be enrolled in a Medicare program (Parts A and B) before signing up for Medigap. There two different Medicare programs available in Tennessee Medicare plan A and Medicare plan B. Additionally, in order to qualify for the Medigap supplemental insurance plan in Tennessee, patients must be 65 years of age or older.

Enrollment Period

It is advised that patients who are 65 or older sign up for Medigap during the six month enrollment period that is offered at the beginning of the month. The reason for this is because during this period, no medical underwriting is required. Patients who are 65 or older interested in Tennessee Medigap may still qualify for the supplemental insurance after the six month enrollment period is over. The problem is that after the period is over, medical underwriting might be required, which could put some patients at risk for paying a higher amount or even getting denied completely due to long withstanding medical issues that they currently have.

Coverage with Medigap

Some costs that Tennessee Medigap Supplemental Plans help with include travel expenses, cost-sharing expenses, and more. But, take note, Medigap plans in Tennessee do not cover prescription drug expenses. If you are looking for prescription drug coverage, it is strongly advised that you sign up for Medicare part D prescription drug plan. Some other costs that Medigap plans cover in Tennessee include:

  • First three pints of blood
  • Hospice care coinsurance or copayment
  • Skilled nursing facility coinsurance
  • Medicare part A deductible
  • Medicare part B deductible
  • Medicare part C deductible
  • Medicare part B excess charges
  • Medicare part B coinsurance or copayment

Comparing Rates

Now this all depends on what Tennessee Medigap plan you pick, as each plan has different levels of coverage. You can compare Tennessee Medigap plans with our chart. After you pick a plan you can enter in your zip code and compare rates.

Learn more about Medigap plans & rates in Tennessee at http://emedigap-plans.com/tennessee-medicare-supplement-plans.  Our Medigap Insurance brokers will help you compare Medigap Insurance rates and plans in Tennessee today.  To talk to an expert in Tennessee Medigap coverage call toll free 888-452-7949 today!

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