Purchasing Quality Medical Equipment

A linear accelerator, LINAC, is a device that accelerates charged particles along a straight linear path of metal tubes at periodic intervals through a process known as electrostatic acceleration. This medical device is used by a radiation oncologist who in addition to consulting with patients and planning treatment sessions, also harness the therapeutic properties of radiation to treat or/and cure cancer using customized high energy x-rays to destroy cancer cells without destroying the rest of the surrounding healthy tissue.

Proper Care Of Your Equipment

Technological advancements have gradually made it easy and painless in curing patients of cancer through radiation that is delivered using a linear accelerator. This is why regular preventive maintenance, quality assurance inspections, installation, testing, calibration, troubleshooting, repair and general maintenance of a LINAC is very important to ensure that the radiation concentration is even across the beam and that the device is in good working order at all times.

It takes time and extensive research, a healthy budget, planning, an understanding of your clinical goals and a commitment to quality care when planning to buy a linear accelerator that will provide patients with quality, timely and uninterrupted treatment options. Additional LINAC system costs and services will also include the following:

  • Warranty, service, and maintenance
  • 24/7 repair solutions tailored to your equipment needs
  • Redundant engineering solutions when the main engineer is not available
  • Around the clock rapid response computer-aided dispatching system
  • Machine uptime guarantee that ensures that there are no downtimes
  • On-demand parts and fast replacement of defective components for linear accelerators
  • Proper equipment removal and disposal
  • Relocation services of an existing linear accelerator
  • LINAC system costs will also include a keen project planning and logistics support
  • Power conditioners and patient positioning

Variation In Costs

There are a variety of linear accelerator systems to choose from and in addition to being budget conscious and selecting the right machine, LINAC system costs will also largely depend on the upgrades and features of each system, country of installation, adequate site planning, timeline, pre and post-installation equipment support.

A pre-owned linear accelerator such as a Basic Varian 600CD/6EX can be purchased for around $175,000 to $300,000. However, if you want a LINAC with newer systems such as the Varian TrueBeam, Elekta Versa HD, or the Cyberknife VSI and M6 prepare a healthy budget of around $750,000 to $1.5M. When you want to get the most from your existing equipment is also important to bear in mind other LINAC system costs for its accessories such as positioning lasers, treatment couch upgrades, water chillers, power conditioners, to mention a few.

Additional LINAC Services That Are Offered

There are also recognized professionals that offer LINAC services such as equipment assessments and appraisals for a fee to oncologists who are either looking to expand or close down their clinics, who want to secure funding from lenders, those that need to consolidate their debts, for insurance purposes, or simply to sell their equipment. These are just a few of the LINAC system costs that those in radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging line of work should consider.

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