Proper Maintenance Increases The Lifespan Of Your Roofing Materials

Let’s face it, your homes roof is not an everyday priority.  As homeowners we lose sight of the essential exterior elements that are important in safeguarding the interior of our homes.  It is crucial however, that we do take the maintenance and care of our homes roof serious. Asphalt shingle roofing is designed to protect your home. In order for it to perform its job regular roof inspections are needed to ensure it is functioning properly.  Inspections of your homes roof should be done twice a year.  Maintenance and repairs should follow when necessary.  This will allow your roof to remain at peak performance.

Professional roofing contractors are experts at identifying issues with your roof that will lead to interior issues with your home.  It is important to hire a professional contractor to inspect the exterior elements of your home at least once every few years. It is crucial that you as a homeowner take time during the spring and fall seasons to do your own roof and exterior home inspection.

Considerations with Your Roof

  • Before you purchase a home, it is crucial to have the home inspected and a roof assessment performed.  A professional roofing contractor will inspect and report on the future of your roof.  This information gives you insight on repairs that are needed immediately, will be needed in the future, and how much longer you have before a full roof replacement is required.
  • When looking at the exterior of your home and are considering renovations remember to take a look at the landscape. Trim branches and large trees that overhang your roof.  This will prevent the shingles form scratching and gouging roofing materials.  Trimming back trees and branches helps to prevent damaging and puncturing the materials used on your roof.
  • Keep your homes gutters clear.  This is especially important during the winter season to help prevent roof damns from occurring during the thaw and freeze that occurs throughout the season.  If leaves and debris are allowed to build up, your gutters will no longer freely flow, and these backups will occur.
  • Allow your roof to breathe by adding in proper ventilation if it is not already set up correctly.  Heat and moisture needs to be released from the roof to prevent the sheathing and rafting to breathe.  Without this in place the roof with buckle and the insulation will lose its effectiveness.  This causes the roof system to be ineffectual.
  • Proper insulation protects the longevity of your homes roof.  Your home needs protection from heat gain and loss.  The most ideal situation is to include a gap-free layer of insulation on the attic floor along with vapor retarder under the insulation next to the ceiling.  This will help stop the moisture from rising into the attic.  Properly placing vents in the roofing will allow air to pass freely which also helps to prevent issues with your roof.
  • Roofing is prone to the build up of debris, streaks, mold, algae and fungus.  When left untreated this causes a great deal of deterioration in the materials on your roof which in turn shortens the roofs lifespan.  One method that is effective in preventing these issues is to install zinc strips along the roof ridge.  The zinc will protect against the growth of fungus, moss, mildew and algae. 

Your homes roof is the most important element in creating structural integrity of your home. Taking time to do bi-yearly inspections will help preserve and protect your home for years to come.

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