Preventative LINAC Maintenance: Unscheduled Repairs Impact Treatment

Radiotherapy engineers conduct preventative maintenance and repairs on equipment used for radiotherapy. Predictive and preventative maintenance of the complex equipment which includes linear accelerators, teletherapy systems, radiotherapy simulators, digital x-ray systems, among many more.

Quality management within a radiation therapy clinic involves maintaining, servicing and supporting linear accelerators. When a linear accelerator breaks down, the physician in charge or other clinic employees usually inform the support team who send engineers out to the location to do the repair. Unscheduled servicing on linear accelerators can have a significant impact on treatment. Patients going through radiation therapy should get the treatment at specific times. When linear accelerators malfunction, it means the patients must be moved to other centers for treatment or have their treatment rescheduled. As a clinic, this can have a negative impact on your business and it is, therefore, important to have the problem resolved as fast as possible.

To minimize the impact of downtown due to equipment failure maintenance must be kept up to date.  To decrease the impact of equipment failure we suggest:

  1. Reducing the processes involved in reporting the issue to the support engineers. Sometimes the process involved in reporting issues to the support engineers and have them dispatch people to five the machines can be too lengthy. The longer it takes to send a team over, the longer it will take before patients can receive treatment.
  2. When there are repetition and redundancies in reporting the incident, it takes the support engineers a long time to resolve the issue. Time is of the essence when making unscheduled repairs on linear accelerators.
  3. Cancer patients going through radiation therapy have compromised immunities because of the illness and the radiation treatment. If a Linear accelerator breaks down, the clinic might have to take patients to another facility for treatment. Moving patients who have a weakened immune system increases the risk of infection which could be detrimental to the patient’s health.
  4. Linear accelerators are critical for administering radiation therapy to cancer patients. When a linear accelerator needs to be fixed, it means patients who were scheduled to use that machine will not get their scheduled treatments and even if they do so from another center they will still be inconvenienced.

Ensuring cancer patients have access to treatment is extremely imperative. Linear accelerator support engineers cannot prevent breakdowns entirely, but rapid repair of the machines goes a long way in minimizing the impact on patients’ treatment.

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