Pool Building: A Timeline

Designing a pool takes roughly eight to twelve weeks on average. Winter will turn to spring before we know it; by then, it will be a primetime season for pool building. If you are planning on having a pool built, it’s best to start that process now. But just how does it all work? Read on for the details.

Design: 1 to 4 weeks
Whether you already had a pool or want to build something brand-new and fresh, it’s a good idea to meet with a pool designer to review your overall vision. With innovations in 3D modeling technology, your dream backyard pool will be a reality in no time.

Permits: 2 to 6 weeks
Most cities, townships, and counties require residential building permits before construction can begin on an inground pool. Permits are meant to communicate that you are building safely and legally. Neighbors, city officials, and local professionals can rest assured the project is being completed according to the law. It can take one to six weeks to process forms, wait times, and gain permit approval.

Excavation: 1 week
Access to the dig site can be restricted by utility lines or other challenges. The overall digging process, once cleared, will only take one or two days. During busier seasons, pool excavators might be backed up with other customers who scheduled before you. Even more reason why you should start planning sooner than later.

Rough materials: 1- 2 weeks
The steel, plumbing, and electrical will all need to be routed to accommodate your design. Your lighting, water features, spas, and overall system will need to be considered. Depending on the size and complexity of the pool, these materials are essential for the overall aesthetic.

Pool interior: 1 to 3 weeks
Vinyl, fiberglass, gunite, diamond brite, etc., are vital aspects of the pool’s interior. Crews might need to be scheduled for installation and plastering. After everything is set, it might take some time for the materials to cure.

Landscaping: 1 to 4 weeks
Decks, landscaping, and other custom features consisting of water or lighting can take a couple of weeks to finalize. Depending on the number of features you are looking to add, the process can be shorter or longer.

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