Planning A Milestone Birthday

As adults we don’t tend to make a big deal about our birthday each and every year however the game changes when it comes when we reach major milestones.  Planning a special event can take a lot of time and planning which is something most of us don’t have extra of when we are reaching the 40, 50, and 60-year marks.  Thankfully this is where event planners come into the picture.


An event planner helps to take your vision and turn it into reality without much more than your input.  It is important to work with a professional in planning larger milestone celebrations to truly take the time to enjoy it rather than stressing about the details weeks.  A party planner takes charge from the inception of the idea until the last guest leaves allowing you to be the social butterfly you want to be when celebrating a major milestone in your life.


Below you will find a short list of some of the things that an event coordinator will take care of for you so that you can sit back and enjoy the event.


Your invitation will set the tone for the entire event and allows you to make a first impression to remember. The part of invitations that is tedious and not fun to deal with however, is the addressing them, sending them out, and responding to R.S.V.P.’s or worse yet those guests who never respond at all.  As an event coordinator it is our responsibility to track down your guests, make sure counts are accurate, and that everyone is knowledgeable of the day’s events.


Since most people don’t specialize in planning for an event, if left to their own accord often end up choosing from themes and colors commonly found at the local party store.  This is not the case when you hire a professional. Just because you are turning 50 and heading “over the hill” as it is often coined doesn’t mean you have to have an event themed around growing older.  Instead we help you to build an event around what makes you unique.  We create the day around you.

Attention Grabbing:

It is important to make sure that guests feel included in the event to ensure that they enjoy themselves and help to create the atmosphere you are looking for in your event. It is our job to grab their attention and guide them towards the theme.  Chilled events with wine and cheese trays are much different than those with themed adult beverages and photo booths with props.  The tone is set by planners who are guided by your direction. It is also important for you as the party’s guest of honor are recognized and readily available to mingle with guests.


No one wants bored party guests. It is important to have things for guests to do as they arrive at the event all the way up until they leave.  Whether it is hiring live entertainment or offering interactive group games via smartphones it is crucial to keep events moving forward.  As a part of the party you don’t want to be worried about if people are having a good time, that is our job.

Presents/Parting Gifts:

Even when invitations specifically say not to bring a gift you can be assured no one will listen. We prepare for the unexpected and make sure that you come prepared as well.  Every detail, down to the partying memory you give guests to take with them is planned for you around your ideas without any actual leg work needing to be done on your part.

Event Planning DC provides full event planning, partial event planning, month-of (day-of) event coordination, event styling/design and decorating services throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia, with access to local and national vendors who may provide additional services suitable for your event and budget.  We pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality event coordination, giving you and your guests the perfect day, no matter what the occasion including exclusive corporate and non-profit events, weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, community events and milestone celebrations.  More information can be found online at




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