Advice When Repairing Linear Accelerators

Linear accelerators are the most important part of the CT scan and X-ray machines. Over the past few years, many new technologies and features have been introduced in the linear accelerators. Most of the labs have the latest machinery but the real issue arises when some of the parts are not working properly.

It means that they will require the linear accelerator replacement parts. You might get the best parts but if the installation is not perfect it will cause other issues. Here we have a few reasons why you should always hire the professionals.

Linear accelerator expertise

When you will hire the professionals, they will have expertise in different parts of the machinery. A single person will not repair linear accelerators completely. You will have to let them know the parts that are causing problems and the company will send the expert how knows how to deal with that certain portion of the device. In this way, you will get the best possible services.

Solution for every issue

The biggest benefit of hiring the specialist is that they will provide you the solution of every problem that you might have been facing. They will know how to deal with different parts of the machine. In case that you are confused, you can get the free consultation services and the experts will let you know the part of the machine that is causing issues and how you can resolve them,

Affordable rates

Experts always have the most reliable and affordable services.

  • They have different packages regarding the repair linear accelerators services that customers might have been looking for
  • Regarding your requirements, you can select the package that you require
  • There are no hidden charges or services, everything is transparent
  • You will never have to pay for the services that you do not need.

Knowledge and practice

As the technologic evolves many new things are introduced in the market. The experts always have the knowledge regarding everything. They participate in every training session regarding the repair linear accelerators. They go through special tests and practice sessions to assure that the customers will be satisfied with their services.

Quality services

The repair linear accelerators specialists are always reliable. They will assure that their customers will trust their working style. They have all the capabilities that you might have been looking for. In case that you do not find some parts or services, let the experts know and they will provide you with what you have been looking for.

Bottom line

We have been providing our customers with the best services regarding the linear accelerator replacement parts installation. At our platform, you will get all the latest parts and let us know what you want and our experts will meet your requirements.

All our customers are satisfied with our services and that is why we have the highest reputation in the market. All our services are available at affordable rates. For more information, you can visit our website.

For more information on how we can assist your medical facility you can call our Linear Accelerator Repair Specialists at 610.524.3300 or visit our website at

Say Yes to Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Texas

During the search for Medicare for their family, it can easily been seen the potential prospects and its benefits it can carry. It is important to let the senior know in your life the adequate steps in making sure that they go for Medicare once it is available to them in life. After all, this is one of most effective ways to save money on healthcare expenses. Two Plans of Medicare are offered- Plan A and Plan B each have unique qualities to benefit from.

A word of caution to the wise, that Medicare might does not always cover all areas in these two plans. For this very reason, you can now find a wide range of plans in Medicare supplemental insurance in Texas. These policies are available locally in each state, be sure to read carefully since they each have different rules and premiums. These supplemental insurance policies are very popular to those that are reaching their sixties or in their mid-sixties. To help you better understand we will not talk about what Medicare does and does not cover inside their plans.

What are the areas that Medicare plans usually cover?

When choosing to have Medicare Part A, you are covered automatically with services such as hospitalization, nursing and even home health care services cost. Medicare Part B will assist with doctor bills, and purchasing normal medical supplies. Part A works without your monthly premium but Part B requires you to pay the monthly premium. There is no necessity for you to select both the plans compulsorily at all. Many places of employment whether public or private, lead their staff to apply for these but know that not all areas are covered by these two plans. That is why today Medicare supplemental insurance in Texas was made to “supplement” these plans to further assist you in your healthcare needs.

What are the areas that Medicare plans do not cover?

From custodial long-term care to eye related and dental related examinations and cosmetic surgeries, acupuncture, hearing aids and even foot related ailments are not part of these two plans. 10 standardized plans are offered through Medigap or Medicare Supplemental Insurance. The names of these plans are simply called A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and N. If you are the age of 65, eligible for Social Security or Railroad Retirement benefits, then you are also qualified for these Medigap plans.

Also, those who are at the end stage of the renal disease also are eligible to get the Medigap plans. However, from Medicare itself, an information booklet can be found where all the details and further FAQ’s can help answer even other queries.

How to Select the right Medicare Supplement Plan

On Medicare’s official website, a person can find with little difficulty the names of the popular Medicare supplemental insurance in Texas. This will then help you make final decision on which to choose. While a few people might take time and read through individually all the policies, other will simply want to just compare the plans and then pick. Under the heading of “Supplements and Other Insurance”a person is capable to get “How to Compare Medigap Policies”. This information will offer detailed comparisons between all the policies in your state.

We can also help in comparing Medicare Supplemental Plans with some basic information about you. Call us today at 877-202-9248 for free supplemental Medicare plan recommendations. You can also visit our website for more information at

The Ways Michigan Medicare Supplemental Plans Affect Me

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans in Michigan are made to do just what the name describes. They “supplement” health care cost which are not covered by the original Medicare plan. Michigan coverage costs can vary a bit from company to company and with different plans since different organizations charge different premiums. Michigan supplemental insurance also assists with co-payments and deductibles. Seniors who are enrolled in a Medicare advantage plan do not qualify for a Medicare Supplemental Plan. All supplemental policies should be clearly identified as such and labeled with letters. These policies are required to have comparable if not identical benefits. To see the differences, Michigan Medicare supplemental insurance plans page we have a chart that lists the benefits of each plan.

What About what Medicare Doesn’t Cover?

You may already be aware that long-term care, eyeglasses, dental care etc, are not covered by these policies. The insurance providers have the power to determine which types of policies they sell but state laws are above and affect the policies which are offered. Sometime to your advantage,  insurance providers will sell you a policy with no regard of any pre existing conditions you have, particularly if you are adding a policy during open enrollment. To learn more about what Medicare covers look at the official site.

Looking for Professional Help

Trusting the dealer you are working with can be a very big deal. Make sure to find out if they are a licensed broker. We are a Michigan fully licensed insurance agency and believe that our customers always come first. We offer a toll-free number that you can call to get all of your questions answered so that you are fully comfortable with the decision you make! All of our agents are based in the United States to better inform you.

Price vs Coverage

In the end, everyone is looking to find how Michigan Medicare supplemental insurance affects you and the answer is price Vs coverage. Do you pay for coverage you might use in the future or is it better to save now and pay for the bare costs?  To each their own and the choice is only yours to make. No matter your scenario, we are here to help if you have any questions.

How to choose the right Michigan supplemental plan?

Medical coverage is just as different from each policy as the people are different as well. You need to research the 10 standardized supplemental insurance plans and make the best option for yourself that you can. In the end, you know what is best personally!One peiece of advice that we can give, is to get a little better policy than you think you will need. By doing this, it allows for a little extra room.

You are in a much better position once you understand you need this coverage in the first place. Once you determine that your Medicare insurance doesn’t meet all your medical related expenses. You will be better able to understand things that you do need. Keep a list of all the medical related qualifications you would want your policy to have and talk about these with us. Please call us at 877-202-9248, or visit our website at We can’t wait to help you with your Medicare needs.

Explaining Human Biologicals

Single Donors give a selfless amount of either their blood or its components like plasma, serum, and platelets. Pooled or random donation occurs when two or more human combine to donate the components of blood.

Components of Human Blood

Human blood is composed of red blood cells, white blood cells, serum, and plasma. The key difference between white blood cells and red blood cells is the presence of hemoglobin in the former and absence of it in the latter. Plasma, a yellow liquid has the greatest volume in blood i.e. 55%, while serum has the lowest one.

Plasma and serum are usually used for different tests; however, both are further used for other purposes. Plasma separation from blood takes more time than the separation of serum. Also, in case of plasma, the division requires anticoagulants.

Single and Pooled Serum

Serum does not possess factors that allow it to clot. The serum, a tiny leftover in blood, is collected from single human donors and then pooled under proper scientific regulations. The minimum age to donate is 18. Single Human Serum that contains antibodies is used for the diagnosis and treatment of many infectious diseases as well as immunotherapy.

Single and Pooled Plasma

Pooled Plasma consists of change plasma, acquired from more than 30 human donors. Pooling is a phenomenon in which plasma (separated from blood) donated by a number of human donors is mixed together. There are many companies that purify Human Plasma and turn it into life-saving drugs (that must be prescribed by licensed doctors) for the treatment of cancers and immune disorders as well.

During a plasma aphaeresis donation, the blood is collected by a machine which separates the plasma, red blood cells, platelets, and returns the red blood cells and/or platelets back to the donor.

Human Pooled plasma is used for the treatment of patients who have decreased blood cells. Included in the modern vital drug list by World health organization, new frozen plasma is used in hemophilia B. It is also used to treat individuals who genetically lack the components that are deemed necessary for blood clotting.

Single and Pooled Platelets

In case of platelets, Single donation occurs when a single person donates blood, goes through a process of aphaeresis where the machine separates the platelets and sends the blood back to the donor. This series is repeated several times and the required amount of platelets are obtained from one single donor.

Sometimes it becomes vital to collect blood from many donors. After collection, platelets from each donor are combined for further use. These are termed as pooled platelets. This method is more effective and fast than pooled donor where one unit of a single donor is equivalent to 6-8 units of pooled donor platelets.

Single donors also have a lesser chance of carrying other components such as Red Blood Cells. They are often collected against any special need that is why they have a lesser chance of getting wasted. Moreover, platelets from single donors can be transfused to any blood group.

Innovative Research is a US based, worldwide distributor of a vast array of animal and human biological products ranging from human serum to cyno monkey plasma. You can find out more about these valuable research materials by visiting our website at or by calling us direct at 888.660.6866.

Before Taking The Leap- Read These 5 Facts About Medicare Supplemental Insurance

The term Medicare supplemental insurance can also be called Medigap insurance since it is created to fill gaps in an persons primary coverage through Medicare. Qualification for a Medigap policy usually required that the applicant has Medicare before Parts A and B. It is a type of insurance for folks around the age of 65. This plan is used to cover the gaps that Medicare doesn’t cover entirely which to some people, is very rewarding.

Take the time before engaging in this plan, and read these 5 facts

  1. 10 Standard Options

How many plans are there to choose from? The answer to this is 10 standard options for Medicare Supplement Insurance. All of these plans are in unison throughout the United States. Each plan has different benefits so it is best for your own advantage to find the right plan that suits your current needs. These plans are A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and N. Plan A offers the shortest list of benefits and plan F offers the most expensive.

The intriguing thing about the Medigap Supplement Insurance market is that the great amount of brokers who are able to help you decides what plan best suits your needs. Irrespective of your previous coverage, you can still apply for a Medicare Supplement with a new brokerage of a new insurance.

NOTE: Have a strong understanding of the topic before going with any plan. This is because only a few companies carry all 10 plans and can be easy to fall into this trap.

  1. Enrollment Windows

Missouri and California are a couple of the few states that offer enrollment windows to Medigap beneficiaries every year. Although, most other states have different rules. Most of the time, you can apply for a supplemental policy when you are right about to turn 65. You can look over our Medicare Supplemental Insurance Open Enrollment page.

  1. Your Need

First and foremost you need to figure out that you need this coverage. Once you verify that your Medigap insurance doesn’t address all your medical bills, you will discover easily the things you need regardless of which private insurance company sign up with. Basically, the main qualification will be the service that they render and the premium that you will be charged for. If still not sure, look at our Medigap guide page for more information.

  1. Medicare Policy

Your Medicare policy does not cover your life partner/spouse which can be very strange to understand at first. Both of you will have to buy separate policies if you both need coverage. This is quite confusing because traditional insurance does cover spouses.

  1. Premiums

Insurance companies use three different methods used to calculate and set the premiums. The lowest premiums are for those who use attained age as a basis. This is especially valid for the individuals who have just attained 65. Premiums normally increase every 3 – 5 years, in addition to the inflation rates.

More so, issue age premiums depend on your age at the time of the purchase. The major increase for this type of plan is as a result of the Medicare’s inflation adjustments. And of course, Medicare supplemental insurance rates that use the community-rated technique indicates that everyone in the same region will pay the same premium, paying no regard to age. Many states, however, make use of only one method, so it is helpful to research and find out how the insurance companies calculate their rates.

For a free Supplemental rate call us at 877-202-9248 or feel free to browse our website at

A Look At Refurbished Linear Accelerators

Radiotherapy works by targeting high-energy gamma ray or electron beams onto cancer cells which are more prone to radiation damage than normal tissue. Refurbished linear accelerators are usually multi-modality ionizing radiation generators with associated imaging devices, currently used for delivery of external beam radiotherapy.

The contemporary linear accelerators provide either 6 MeV photons in the “low energy” range machines or dual/triple photon energy and several energies.

Systems Incorporated With Refurbished Linear Accelerators

  • Multileaf Collimator (MLC) for beam shaping
  • The capability to deliver intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT)
  • 3D image guidance systems (IGRT)
  • Electronic portal imaging system for image treatment beams

Other additional features may be incorporated into the linear accelerators such as arc-based IMRT delivery, total body irradiation, high-dose rate electrons, and more.  Despite the high capital cost of purchasing them, their high patient turnover throughout over a long lifespan makes them extremely cost-effective compared with other treatment options.

The operation of refurbished linear accelerators should be according to the existing standards and regulations which include:

  • IEC standards
  • Radiation regulations
  • Guidelines for radiotherapy room design

Technical Considerations

The technology used in refurbished linear accelerators is essentially the same for all linear accelerators.  The high energy generation can be achieved either by implanting the “traveling waveguide technology” or by implementing the “standing waveguide technology”.

The first approach is simpler and very reliable, while the second approach features a more stable treatment beam.  The generated radiation beam is flattened and shaped using collimation devices to form a beam matching the shape of the tumor.  The wave guide, the filters, and the collimator are all mounted on a gantry which rotates around the patient, allowing the tumor to be irradiated from multiple directions.  There is a linear accelerator patient coach especially designed to allow irradiation of the patient from multiple directions.

Modern linear accelerators are designed to enable intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT).  This is a dynamic radiotherapy delivery method which enables good control over the three dimensional dose distributions: the delivered beam instead of being flat changes the intensity at different points within the beam.

There are different types of refurbished linear accelerators IMRT delivery methods:

  • Step and Shoot Method: consists of delivering a series of different shaped fields formed by the MLC to build up a variable intensity pattern. The irradiation is stopped between the fields.
  • Dynamic MLC Method: in which the radiation runs constant, while the MLC leaves move across the field at variable speeds.
  • Arc Therapy Method: in which the radiation runs continuously and the gantry collimators and MLC leaves are all moving continuously. The dose rate also varies during the delivery.  Treatments are delivered in an arc, sometimes two.  This is probably the best choice for IMRT.

The multi-leaf collimator is a delicate computer-controlled mechanism.  The performance of the collimator depends on its resolution, the leakage radiation and the system penumbra.

The electronic portal imaging device allows verification of patient position on orthogonal two-dimensional images produced by the high-energy treatment beam.  The detector used for the portal imaging consists of an amorphous silicon indirect detection flat panel imager.

The imager system differs in the degree of complexity of software provided, as well as the ease of use.  The refurbished linear accelerators’ three-dimensional imaging systems can be materialized in three different ways:

  • 1) Applying diagnostic x-ray cone beam, in plain or orthogonal to the linear accelerators’ high energy beam.
  • 2) Using the high-energy treatment cone beam of the linear accelerator.
  • 3) Using a CT machine combined with the linear accelerator.

Record and Verify Systems

In modern radiotherapy departments, the refurbished linear accelerators are operated using record and verify systems, which deliver the treatments, as well as make a record of them.  These systems are usually connected to the general information network, which allows a wide functionality, including booking and scheduling, recording of patient’s notes, recording costs, image handling, and more.

Acceletronics is an independent service company dedicated to delivering the best equipment performance and service reliability from Linear Accelerators and CT Scanners across all major brands and models. Learn more about Acceletronics and their selection of new and refurbished linear accelerators and CT scanners today at  To contact one of our LINAC experts call 610.524.3300.



Is Arizona Medicare Supplemental Insurance The Right Choice?

How you are being affected by the Medigap Plan among other things is factored according to one’s location as stated in our last article. Beneficiaries who wish to add coverage to their Part A and Part B plans would want to choose to do a Medicare Supplement Plan in Arizona.

Medicare supplemental insurance coverage in Arizona would be similar to what we saw in Michigan such as it would include deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. Other hospital coverage may as well be added, like hospice care.

Medicare vs Medicare Advantage Program

A Medicare supplement health plan in Arizona differs when compared to that of the Medicare Advantage program. First, It is seen in how it is purchased. The Medicare supplemental insurance plan in Arizona is designed to be purchased as a standalone unlike that of the Advantage program. Although, it can be purchased in combination with original Medicare.

For beneficiaries in Arizona who would want to get the independent purchasing coverage, might need to consider changing from Original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare United Through The States

When compared to that of Michigan, a medical supplemental insurance plan in Arizona are identical. The insurance plan is organized with 10 standardized letters. These ten letters are available throughout the whole country, and each letter offers the same benefit with little regard to the insurance company providing it. Taking a closer look at the letters, the most common one that is available nationwide is Medigap Plan F. This is the most common available medical insurance plan in Arizona.

However the fact that each of these ten letters offers benefits that make each beneficiary indifferent, the cost may vary depending on the particular company providing each of these benefits. Coverage will include insurance while on a trip abroad but unfortunately may not include additional care such as prescription, hearing, vision, and or dental care.

Comparable to what you find in Michigan, Medicare supplemental insurance beneficiaries have the choice to enroll in Medicare supplement plan in Arizona during their six-month Medical supplemental insurance open enrollment period, which often begins on the first day of the month that one clocks their 65th year birthday.

In the Medigap enrollment period in Arizona, companies are not allowed to deny beneficiaries the coverage that is due to them, neither are they allowed to charge outrageous premiums to beneficiaries through their pre-existing medical conditions. After the six-month enrollment period, beneficiaries would need to enroll in a Medigap Plan. However, coverage for pre-existing medical conditions would cease to be a working condition.

How to Choose Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan in Arizona

In conclusion, Arizona Medigap plan coverage may be similar to the different lettered plans in Michigan, the cost of the program can vary depending on the insurance company that is involved. However, beneficiaries should select a plan that meets their needs regarding of coverage options. After that, beneficiaries can shop for different plans that are still within their single plan type, all based on the cost of the program.

eMedicare Supplemental Insurance is based in United States and has many knowledgeable, licensed agents ready to help you choose a supplemental health plan. We can also help you with any questions you have regarding Medicare and supplemental health care. Feel free to call us at 1-877-202-9248 or visit our website at

Aluminum Fencing Used To Enhance Landscaping

Improving your home surrounding is a way to add value to your property. However, no home improvement is complete without using the right and quality materials for fencing your surroundings to enhance your landscape areas. The idea of beautiful landscape fencing comes with the use of aluminum fencing materials which gives you the benefits of beauty and durability.

Unlike wood fencing material that may weather and collapse due to hard environmental conditions, aluminum fencing materials are known for longevity, beauty, and hardness to withstand insects and harsh weather. The additional benefit of aluminum fencing is affordability which often is the reason many homeowners may not consider fencing due to costs.

The following points discuss the reason to use aluminum fencing for your home landscaping.

  1. Aesthetics enhancement: One of the objectives of home landscaping is to enhance the beauty of the property. But home innovation ideas suggest the need to improve the garden itself to add more beauty to the environment. Aluminum fencing adds a prestigious look to your home and enhances the landscape itself. When handled professionally, it offers the advantages of playing with different ideas to install a perfect fencing that provides security, beauty and durable fencing.
  2. Security and safety of the home:  Metal fencing offers better resistance to human encroachment and weather. When you install a see-through fencing system, you are at peace knowing the fence is strong enough to withstand any approaching force to keep your home secured.
  3. Affordable fencing alternative: When you have to decide between iron and other best fencing alternatives, aluminum offers the best option in term of cost and getting appropriate value an iron fencing material has. The cost difference between aluminum and wrought iron option increases as you aim for more decoration of your fencing and after the project is complete; you will discover that aluminum offers the best price and value for your home.
  4. Easy maintenance: Wood may become rotten, iron may become rusted, but aluminum never bows to changes in weather or get destroyed by insects with time. Therefore, using aluminum fencing helps to enhance the aesthetics of your home as well as provide necessary security to guide you from unlawful encroachment on your property.
  5. Unlimited choices: Choosing aluminum material offers a variety of colors and quality materials. The array of color sufficiently supports the landscaping theme, make and style of aluminum materials to use. From matte gray to shiny black or sandstone finish, aluminum comes in great variety of make and color to meet your needs.
  6. Eco-friendly: Aluminum fencing is earth-friendly providing a guarantee for safe interaction with the environment. From the material used in its making to the color finish, every part of aluminum is 100% eco-friendly and recyclable to maintain a low carbon footprint on your property.

The landscaping improving qualities of aluminum is limited by the imagination and versatility of the fence or landscaping contractor. Aluminum offers ample rooms to wiggle and gets things done correctly. With the right fence designer and contractor, installing an aluminum fence is the best option for every homeowner.

Learn more about iFence USA and their vast line of custom aluminum fencing options with various grades of aluminum fence to choose from including: Commercial Grade Aluminum Fencing, Residential Grade Aluminum Fencing, Pool Grade Aluminum Fencing, and Industrial Aluminum Fencing at  To contact one of our aluminum fence experts call toll free 800.762.2907 or via email at

Keeping Your Website Up To Date

Not all website updates are created equal. There are content updates, application updates and site revises, and then the mother of all updates the site re-launch. I can’t over emphasize the importance of refreshing your website design with new content and upgrades and, yes, every so often you should redesign and re-launch your business website.

Depending on several factors, the frequency of updating with change.

How often to add new information to your website or blog

The mission of each website is different and so are the updating requirements. You can’t expect a corporate blog to be updated as often as a regular blog or a regular blog as often as a news or sports blog. Let’s take a look at website updating and blog management in these 4 categories but before we do, I want to hit on another topic.

Web design is outdated

If the design of your web site is stuck in the 2000s, it may be time for a change. With web technologies changing as fast as smart phones and TV’s, there are new ways to speed up your website and even rank better with Search Engine Optimization. With a custom coded website you can implement all your ideas and new tech to reach your target audience.

Category 1 – Sports / Fashion / Celebrity / Tech / Lifestyle / Financial / Newspaper / Magazines

For Websites or blogs that deal with trending topics related to sports, fashions and this category, updating with new information several times per day is crucial for their success. There is no limit to the number of updates and generally the more the better. This is because most of their visits are coming from repeating visitors, social media and Google news. Postings are usually short and to the point and contain a lot of images.

Category 2- Normal Websites / Blogs

In this category you expect to find personal web development blogs, how-to style blogs, informational blogs, wiki, marketing, weight loss, studies, analytics, travel tips, reviews and many more. In this, 3 updates per week are more than enough; there is no need to update daily unless of course you have the resources to execute such a task.

Category 3 – Corporate Website / Blog

In this category, you will see business websites that showcase a company and the products/services it is offering. These can be the most difficult types of websites to update often because once the first setup is done and information about the company is published, there is not much reason to publish anything again, unless new products get released. Then of course you would want to blog about it.

Category 4 – eCommerce Store

Content marketing is one of the most efficient ways to promote your online store and it is not more difficult than it sounds. You can publish Articles / Videos on how to use your products online, or detailed product reviews, introducing new products, changes to existing products, special offers and future events.

If you are wondering how often you should update this type of blog? The answer is simple. You always update when you have new high quality content to publish.

Why you should update your website quite often

Improves your SEO

Search engines love content and especially new content. They like to have long quality posts in their index to satisfy their users. A website that is updated regularly is crawled more often, has more pages in the index and more possibilities to boost SEO.

Is great for social media

If you are using social media marketing to promote your blog many times the problem that destroys your effort is lack of content. Having a website that is updated on a regular basis will give you fuel for your social media promotions.

Your users will appreciate it

Websites are meant to serve users and giving users fresh content makes them happier. A happy user will most likely come back, convert, register, buy or recommend your website to other people.

It’s a signal that your website or business is active and alive

Updating your website for users shows your business is still going strong and ready for new business.

We offer Web Design services in Brighton, Michigan and around Livingston County. We are Creative Programs and Systems! We have been designing custom websites before templates or wordpress were a thing! Make your company stand out with a custom web site. Call us today for a free quote at 810-224-5252 or visit our website at



Using Animal Biologicals For Research

In the science industry, animal biologicals are collected in a variety of ways and applied to research for different reasons. Commonly they are used to cure diseases while some specimens are preserved for future research. Amongst the various types of biologicals, the ones most frequently collected are animal serum & blood products, raw animal biological products, chicken tissues & organs.

Necessary Conditions to Collect Animal Biologicals

Before the collection of animal biologicals, there are a few conditions that must be met:

  • Collection of Animal Biologics are taken from healthy organism
  • Confirmation is important that the animal is healthy and free from any kind of contamination.
  • It is vital to remember that specimens should never be collected from sick animals.
  • It is also critical to check everything regarding parasitic contamination as it affects the integrity of the tissue’s sample.
  • After the supervision of antibiotics, biologicals are collected within 21 days.
  • The animal should not be subjected to any kind of stress. Quality of a sample from an animal under stress raises chances for the sample quality to be compromised.
  • In order to study certain diseases like cancer diabetes, endocrine disease, and Alzheimer’s, biologicals are preferably collected from genetically modified animals.
  • It is advised during the collection process that methods used cause minimum pain to the animal.
  • Site Cleaning

Health measures must be kept in mind and maintained before and during the procedure. After collection, the place should be thoroughly cleaned. The work area must be properly disinfected and proper equipment should be used. The site should be disinfected using 70% alcohol. Proper disposal of any used syringes as well.

  • Animal Biologicals That Need to Be Frozen

All specimens/materials collected that are intended to be frozen must be transported on ice to the nearby lab for further examination. It then should be frozen in a store where temperatures are maintained under 20-degree Celsius to decrease the risk of a virus developing.

Small animals must be stored at a moderate temperature for about 5 hours. For blood sample collections, various chemicals are used that are termed as anti-coagulants; sodium herapin, Sodium EDTA, Alsevers Solution etc. are a few.

Chicken red blood cells are collected from the wings veins of three different chickens and then mixed with anticoagulants. These chickens are housed separately from other chickens.

Use of Forceps

Forceps should be used to preserve small insects.

Collection of Widely used Growth Supplement

The widely used development supplement for cell culture media is fetal bovine serum. It has the highest rate of fast progression of embryonic growth. When used at appropriate concentrations, it supplies many defined and undefined components. These components have shown to satisfy specific metabolic requirements for the culture of cells.

Fetal Bovine Serum is collected in a sterile plastic bag and is allowed to clot. After separation from the clot, it is frozen. The crucial factor is controlling the initial collection to preserve the quality of final serum product, out of which only raw material is approved for production.

Tissue Compilation

Tissues from various animals are preserved using 10% buffered formalin. For longer periods of time they are refrigerated under minus 100 degrees and for shorter periods they are kept at 40 degrees Celsius. With using the correct temperature range, they can use the preserved specimens later for long-term issues relating to the health of other species.

Innovative Research is a US based, worldwide distributor of a vast array of animal and human biological products ranging from human serum to cyno monkey plasma.  You can find out more about these valuable research materials by visiting our website at or by calling us direct at 888.660.6866.