Increasing Freedom After LASIK Eye Surgery

After LASIK eye surgery patients should expect an increasing freedom in their lifestyles.  There is a new-found convenience that is found after laser vision correction.  Upwards of ninety percent of LASIK patients state that they are more than satisfied with the results seen after surgery.  In fact, there are a number of lifestyle changes that are mentioned over and over when talking about the independence vision correction surgery gives patients.

TV in Bed

Imagine how annoying it is to have to get up and take out your contact lenses after watching television in bed and gotten comfortable or worse yet falling asleep with your glasses on, rolling over, and breaking them.  LASIK allows people to enjoy clear vision twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week without the weight and irritation of glasses rubbing against your nose or cheeks or the uncomfortable feeling of dry eyes in the morning.  Clear vision makes a huge transformation in patient’s everyday routines including catching some late-night television.

Decrease Expenses for Clear Vision

Costs associated with vision exams, yearly contacts, and eyeglasses can really add up to a lot of money over the course of a year.  The updates in your prescription and the constant need for replacement glasses can cost upwards of a thousand dollars.  Not only do they cost more financially, contacts cost you in time as well.  There is a significant amount of time involved in caring for your contact lenses.  With LASIK eye surgery the time and financial costs of taking care of your eyes decreases significantly.

Convenience in Sport Activities

Have you ever tried running with glasses on?  LASIK makes it possible to participate in sports without the inconvenience of contacts or glasses.  Patients that are into swimming can swim without needing expensive prescription goggles or risking the loss of a contact lens in the water.  Not only can this increase your performance in sporting activities it can add comfort in participation.

Physical Changes

Without the need for eyeglasses, LASIK patients will experience a change in their physical appearance.  Women may find a new-found love for makeup as they no longer need to hide their eyes behind glasses.  In fact, men and women both enjoy the cosmetic changes of laser eye correction whether they are at home, work, or play.

Options in Sunglasses

Without the need for prescription eyeglasses you have a world of sun glass options to choose from.  Sunglasses are an especially important fact of life for LASIK patients as they help protect your newly fixed eyes from the damaging rays of the sun.

Of course, the greatest advantage of laser correction surgery is the reward of clear vision.  Reward yourself today with a free LASIK consultation with the professionals at Michigan Lasik – Rohr Eye & Laser Center.

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