I Just Got Engaged! Where Should I Start?

Yay, you just got engaged and get to marry your best friend for life!  Once the love of your life has finally popped the question, the ring is securely in place on hand, your tears have passed, and you have announced to the world you are getting married it is time to get started on the hard part, planning a wedding.

At this point if you are breathing at a quicker pace don’t worry, we will get you breathing normally in just a few minutes.  Anxiety is just one of the many feeling’s brides will experience when planning a wedding.  One thing that can help with this overwhelming feeling, is to of course hire help from a wedding consultant/planner to help but we will get to that in a little bit.

Here Are Some of The First Steps to Take Once You Have Taken the Plunge and Gotten Engaged

Take Some Time to Just Be Together

Our world is so full of ways to connect to the outside world that sometimes we forget to take time to just live within the moment.  Our first piece of advice surrounding your engagement centers around social media; take time to just live in the moment, don’t rush to announce your engagement the minute it occurs.  Yes, it is a happy moment and the news is share worthy but the announcement doesn’t have to occur the moment it happens.

The electricity of the moment is something that cannot be recreated so just soak it in.  There should be no pressure to start calling people or letting the world of social media in just yet.  Instead, try taking a day or two to let it set in.  Share the moment with one another and just savor the secret of your engagement between the two of you without others input for just a little bit.  When the chaos of planning a wedding begins you will be glad you did.

Announce Your Engagement to Your Parents, Family, Important People in Your Life, & Then the World

It might be tempting to put a picture online right away but hold back, the people closest to you should be the first people in line to hear your news.  There is a hierarchy to announcing good news.  Milestones in your life are something that your parents should hear about before your middle school teacher. Instead of texting try actually picking up the phone to make this announcement to your family if you can’t be there in person.

Make Sure Your Ring Is Properly Sized and Insured

Yes, the plan is to always present a properly fitting ring however, sometimes this just doesn’t occur.  If your ring doesn’t fit properly it is important to take it to be properly sized, yes you will be without it for a little while, but you don’t have to risk it slipping off into the abyss of missing jewelry.  The next step is to take the time to have it properly insured.  Insuring your ring is the only way in which it will be replaced if it gets lost without you having to purchase a new one.

Choose Your Wedding Party and Plan an Engagement Party

There aren’t a lot of important decisions that you need to make once you are engaged but if you think you want an engagement party, right after you are engaged is the time to do it.  An engagement party is a great time to bring the families together to mingle.  It is also a great opportunity to choose and announce your bridal party.  Most brides and grooms have these people in mind long before becoming engaged.

Create a Timeline

The one question you will be asked over and over again is in regard to the wedding date.  It is not required to choose a wedding date upon getting engaged you should expect it at least once a day.  It is important however once a date is chosen to create a timeline to keep you on the same page as your partner.  The wedding can be anywhere from weeks to months to years away, the importance of a timeline doesn’t change.

Start Booking

Once you have set a date and created a timeline you are set to start booking vendors.  This is when most couples decide to call in the big guns and look into hiring a professional wedding planner to help.  The last thing you want is for your relationship to start to center for the sole purpose to plan for this day.  To alleviate that wedding consultants can help by taking your vision, completing the leg work, and let you make the end decisions.  This is an easy way to ensure that your time is not completely devoted only to planning a wedding but instead to better your relationship as you head into a new realm together.

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