Human Serum Difference in Biological Research

Innovations are happening all around us and the progressive track of technology has enabled us to do so much that were previously considered impossible. From voice assistance to machines that can make decisions on their own, we’ve come a very long way. In the same manner, the innovations in biological sciences has boosted significantly. With better equipment and latest technologies, scientists have been able to unearth minute details of the human body, recreate tissues and synthetic materials. One such significant success in the biological sciences sector has been the extraction of human serum.

Where is Human Serum Used?

Human serum is widely used for various reasons from medical purposes to scientific research. It a useful fluid obtained from human blood after applying certain method of extraction, with useful properties beneficial most significantly in biological research.

The human serum is extracted from blood plasma after a factor fibrinogen and other similar clotting factors have been removed from it. This serum is most commonly used while researching immunity of human body and devising medicines and supplements that can boost the immune system. Another use of human serum includes usage in cell culture media, that is, synthetically growing cells and studying bacteria growth and resistance to medicines. Human Serum is more effective and provides a more feasible environment for cell growth in contrast to animal serum. A more particular usage is while working with immune cells like lymphocytes and macrophages.

Human serum can be extracted from individuals or pooled donors of serum which can be classified on the basis of sex, age and disease states, based on the requirement of your research.

Types of Human Serum:

There are different kinds of serums which differ in nature based on the use. For instance, off-the-clot serum is extracted from blood which has been left to clot spontaneously after the process of centrifugation. Note that, this doesn’t contain anticoagulants.

Another type of serum, known as type AB serum is used while studying immunoactivity. The reason for so is that it doesn’t contain in itself any interfering anti-A or anti-B antibodies that skew the observations of the experiments performed.

Complement human serum involves proteins which get activated on sequential basis when the antibodies in the blood get the chance to interact with the respective antigens. These proteins degrade very quickly if the storage and preparation methods are inadequate. To ensure optimal quality of the serum, it should be collected fresh and stored in cold temperatures.

Proper Care and Storage

We take special care in preparation and storage of human serums, because we understand how important it is for biological research. Accuracy of your research depends on the quality of the product and we ensure that we deliver the best. For more information and queries regarding our products, feel free to get in touch with us through email or our hotline number.

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