Home Maintenance Musts This Spring

For most of us the warmer weather brings about the yearly ritual of spring cleaning.  For many of us we this has only included the interior of our homes however, that is a mistake.  Exterior and interior spring cleaning and maintenance are both equally important to the well being of your home as a whole.  It is during these times we are able to evaluate and plan for repairs and maintenance that will keep your home from disrepair.  Create a checklist for interior and exterior spring tasks where you can include notes on maintenance and repairs that are completed from year to year.  This will serve as a record from year to year for both you as the current homeowner and those who may own it after you.

Spring Maintenance for The Exterior of Your Home

The Roof

Your roof is an important part of the structural integrity of your home.  It creates a barrier between the elements and the structural base of your home.  The roof is a key element and therefore needs to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis.  If you are unable to get on the roof use a pair of binoculars to inspect the shingles or contact a local roofing contractor.  Any shingles that are showing signs of wear such as cracks should be replaced.  If you notice shingles missing it is important to replace them right away.  Pine needles and leaves should be removed as they will weaken the valleys of your roof. 

The Siding

No matter what material is used on the exterior walls of your home it is important to make sure that they remain damage free.  Siding contractors suggest doing a thorough inspect under the eaves, gutters, and downspouts.  If water stains appear it is a good indication that your homes gutters are not working properly and aren’t adequate in containing the roof runoff. For homes with wood siding check for damage from ants, birds, and other nuisance critters.

The Chimney

Masonry chimneys should be examined as well.  The joints between the stones and bricks of the chimney should be examined for fall out as well as the growth of vegetation.  These issues can be signs of water entry. If you notice a white deposit of calcium this is also a sign that your chimney needs repair and you should contact a contractor specializing in masonry.

The Foundation

Poured concrete should be examined for cracks.  If a crack exists in the foundation of the home, it will require more than just a routine caulk job.  If you notice cracking in your foundation it is time to call in an expert who specializes in concrete foundations.  They will fill the crack with a two-part epoxy that will chemically bond with the crack when injected.

The Windows

Check the windows throughout your home for leaks that could be letting air filter in or out of the home.  The caulk and weather stripping is important in ensuring that the cool air doesn’t escape during the summer and the heat stays put in the winter. Check for condensation between the glass if you have double or triple paned windows.  This could indicate that the seal is bad and that you should replace the window or possibly just the glass.

The Deck

Check decking for boards that are loose, warped, or splintered.  These should be replaced to avoid injuries.  Take time to sweep the build up of debris between the deck boards.  If left to accumulate it will prevent water from draining.  Wooden decks that have faded or become worn from the sun should be thoroughly cleaned, stained, and resealed.  If you have composite decking it is important to maintain it according the maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer.

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