Here Comes the Holidays!

The holidays are upon us!  Of course, we all know what this means… PARTY TIME!  There is no better way then to start getting in the spirit of the season than with a company holiday party.  Although company parties can become the source of water cooler stories for years to come, they are the perfect time to get to know the people you spend eight to ten hours a day with.

Yes, some co-workers will take this opportunity to enjoy a few beverages which can lead to some tipsy revelations, funky dancing, or perhaps some mild filtration it will also be a time for some fun and entertainment. Corporate holiday parties are similar to that once a year wedding we are all excited to attend, they allow employees to have a little fun and reward them for the hard work that has been put in throughout the year.

Below are some ultra-exciting corporate party ideas to ensure your event is something that your employees enjoy.

Company Olympics

Instead of running, swimming, skiing, and so on create a few fun events that employees can participate in for prizes.  Consider creating teams by randomly drawing names and have them compete in fun games like wine cork shooting ranges, team table tennis with one partner blind folded, bouncy ball basketball using mason jars as baskets, balancing by the books, and so on.  You really can come up with just about anything to create a night of activity and unexpected team bonding.

Rent an Indoor Field

What better way to get to know your employees and them one another than to rent an indoor athletic field for a game of kickball, softball, flag football, and more.  After the game, surprise employees with an entertainer that is able to set up a stage and perform for them after they have cleaned up and are ready to party.

Take Over a Museum/Zoo

How awesome would it be to attend a corporate event in a venue that is normally over crowded and unable to be enjoyed.  Think about having the Smithsonian, the Shedd Aquarium, or San Francisco Zoo all to yourselves to enjoy.  Having food and drink stations throughout for employees to enjoy.  What a treat it would be to have time to enjoy something so amazing without the crowds, just your co-workers and their families.

A Bar Crawl

Not all places of employment would consider this but a less conservative, smaller company might see this as a perfect opportunity to let loose.  Rent rooms for each employee and a company party bus to explore several bars throughout the area without having to worry about driving and getting home.

Of course, your corporate party needs to be planned with your company and employees in mind.  No matter what type of event you decide on you have to be prepared for a bit of “backlash” by outsiders uninterested in participating in activities outside of normal business hours.  As an employer your job is to plan for the masses and make sure to give your employees an experience that lets them know just how appreciated they are!

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