Eye Corrective Surgery This Summer Season

This summer has been a hot one!  With hot summer days glasses can be a pain.  They fog up when its humid and you head outside after being in the air, cause your face to sweat, make you have to carry expensive sunglasses, and are just an all-around hassle make many people start to consider LASIK vision correctionLaser eye correction surgery technology is better than ever and is used to treat myopia hyperopia, and astigmatisms by reshaping the cornea to allow the light entering your eye to properly be focused onto your eyes retina.  In most cases surgery can be performed in under fifteen minutes and is pain-free.

The LASIK Process

After an initial consultation with your eye surgeon you will be scheduled for LASIK surgery.  During your surgery an eye surgeon will use a tool to cut a thin flap in the cornea that is circular in shape.  This flap will be folded back allowing the surgeon to access the cornea area known as the stroma to remove the corneal tissue that is creating your vision problem.

A cool ultraviolet laser beam removes tiny bits of tissue to reshape the cornea to allow light to properly enter the retina and improve overall vision.  For nearsightedness the goal is to flatten the cornea while with farsightedness a steeper cornea is created.  Astigmatisms are treated by smoothing out irregular cornea shapes into a more natural shape.

Once the laser has been used to reshape the cornea, the eye doctor will lay the flap back in place so that the area of the cornea where the tissue was removed is covered allowing naturally healing to take place.  During surgery patients are not under anesthesia and instead only require topical anesthetic drops to numb the area.  Laser eye surgery does not require stitches or band aides.

Once surgery has been completed it is important to rest.  Your eyes may temporarily feel an itch or a burn that will go away in time.  It is important to have someone with you to drive you home after the surgery.  In fact, you are not to drive until an eye doctor has confirmed your vision meets legal driving standards which is usually done during a follow up visit the day after surgery.

You can expect hazy eye sight the say of your surgery that should clear up by the following day.  Over time your vision will continue to improve eventually stabilizing.  Many LASIK surgeons will allow you to return to work the following day but recommend a couple of days of rest if at all possible.  Patients are told to avoid strenuous activity for at least a week to allow for healing.

Patients that follow their surgeons directions and remain steadfast to their recovery should experience very little discomfort or complications.

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