Everything You Need To Know About Cancer Treatment Using LINAC Systems

Whether you’re a cancer patient or a physician or manager of a medical clinic or hospital, you can benefit from knowing more about LINAC systems and LINAC services. LINAC system costs may be right for your clinic or hospital purchasing a machine for patient treatment.

What Is A LINAC?

A LINAC is basically a cancer treatment radiology machine. The patient lies down on a platform where their pertinent body part is displayed under a bright light at the top.  The system is turned on and provides radiology to that specific region in the body suffering from cancerous tumors. Radiology is often a much gentler and safer form of treatment than chemotherapy. LINAC services are much quicker and enable the patient to return to their daily lives quickly, rather than requiring all day spent at the clinic.

LINAC stands for “linear accelerator”. If you’ve been evaluating LINAC system costs for your clinic, you’ll want to learn more about how it can benefit your cancer patients.  LINAC provides high energy x-rays and electrons that can actually conform to a specific tumor’s shape. Its purpose is to destroy cancerous cells on a specific part of the body. It does not touch or affect healthy and normal cells or tissue. This treatment is done by an external beam of radiation.

How It Works

LINAC services can treat a wide variety of tumors on all parts of the body through a variety of usual cancer treatment techniques. The equipment runs with special microwave technology. This is similar tech that’s used for radar. The microwaves will accelerate electrons in a accelerator which is called a wave guide. The electrons will collide with a heavy metal that creates high-energy x-rays. But instead of being used to record onto a film, they are targeting a patient’s cancer cells. The x-rays are directed straight to a tumor.

LINAC services have additional benefits. This machine has many built-in safety features that only allow it to deliver a specific dose and never more. LINAC services are run by a qualified medical physician. At regular intervals during patient treatment they will ensure that it’s working smoothly and routinely check it.

Patients are evaluated for LINAC services by visiting their radiation oncologist first. The oncologist will then meet with the radiation dosimetrist and the medical physicist to create a unique treatment plan that fits that patient. Next, your own medical doctor will go over this treatment plan and share it with you. Finally, quality assurance procedures will be created to ensure that you receive the exact treatment both effectively and in a timely manner.

Safe and Effective Benefits

LINAC services are safe for oncologists and radiologists to operate, and to be used on patients. The equipment only emits radiation when it has been turned on. There is little risk of accidental exposure. The benefits are huge when gauging LINAC system costs for your clinic or hospital. This cancer treatment has been proven to be both effective and safe for the cancer patient, and is worth considering for your medical or health location.

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