Enhance Your Home’s Exterior with Stone Veneer

The word for 2018 in home improvement is curb appeal.  Everyone I have spoken to is interested in sprucing up the exterior of their home to increase the aesthetic value.  It might be that they are interested in new siding, updated windows, a decorative front door, or something a bit more budget conscience, the addition of stone veneer.  A popular combination that is being seen more and more is mixing two elements such as updated siding and stone veneer to create a high quality, low-maintenance exterior.

The installation of stone veneer to your homes exterior creates a refreshing façade that offers a solid ROI.  Stone veneer is an organic material that is used to give homes a unique look and to enhance elements on the exterior of the home.  Most often homeowners will choose to enhance a front porch, chimney, driveway gate entrance posts or walkway.  Stone veneer comes in a variety of colors, styles, sizes, and shapes to consider in your renovations.

The addition of stone veneer gives your home a natural, authentic appearance.  It is an exterior housing material that is considered low maintenance that wears nicely; in fact, many homeowners have told us that they prefer how the veneer look after a few years of exposure to our Michigan climate.  Stone veneer does not fade or chalk and tends to be more durable than even vinyl siding.  The stone veneer can protect your homes exterior from harsher elements due to being incredibly durable.

Homeowners often desire the addition of stone veneer on to outdate chimney’s especially when they are in the process of replacing their homes roof.  Adding a touch of stone veneer to the chimney cap offers a more visually appealing aspect to a normally dull aspect of your homes exterior.  Adding stone veneer also gives your home a stately look while protecting your chimney against mortar joints, snow, water, branches, leaves and other elements that come with living in the wonderful state of Michigan.

Stone veneer is also used on the exterior of your home as protection to your windows, foundation, and doors when installed on headers, sills, and water tables.  Unlike wood, which requires regular upkeep, and plastic which is easily damaged by the sun or differing weather elements, stone veneer lasts a lifetime and looks great as it ages.  If you want to increase your homes curb appeal, as many of us are, the addition of stone veneer is the addition to your homes exterior that you are looking for.

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