Different Types of Freight Shipping Options

Freight is shipped by a variety of different modes of transport from trucks to airplanes, boats to vans, and everything in between.  In large cities shipments can even be found transported via bicycle carrier.  When it comes to shipping freight for businesses however this is usually done using freight trucking companies that specialize in LTL, (less than truckload), TL, (truckload) or dedicated trucks.  The type of carrier and method of transportation your company chooses will on which service best fits the needs of your company and customers.

Less than Truck Load

The most popular option when shipping freight is less than truckload.  LTL shipping allows freight to be shipped by trucks to and from your location.  It is a reliable option that is affordable and timely.  Your shipment will share a truck with other shipments going to locations close to your designation thus sharing the expenses associated with transporting freight.

Dedicated Truckload

Another option that is popular is dedicated truckload shipping.  This is when an entire truck is dedicated to a certain type of commodity and makes the necessary accommodations needed to properly move the shipment from one location to another.  Often times, dedicated truckloads involve shipments that must be kept refrigerated, in a temperature-controlled environment, handled specifically because of hazards that are posed by the shipment, or those shipments that are oversized and require special support services to move the item from one spot to another.

Full Truck Dedicated

Another option is when your shipment requires a full truck dedicated specifically to your product. FTL shipping is often faster than LTL as it doesn’t require your shipment to be transferred to other smaller shippers for delivery but is not the least expensive option by far.  This freight shipping option is the best for cargo that requires refrigeration, controlled climate, a flatbed, is oversized, or unpackaged.

When it comes to which shipping method is right for your business and satisfies your customers needs it is important to take into consideration how much product you will be shipping, any special needs such as refrigeration needed to care for the shipment, the time in which you for it to be delivered, and other special requirements.  Utilizing the best shipping method for your freight will increase your customers experience with your company.

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