Common Shingle Roof Maintenance Increases Your Roofs Health

In construction on of the single most expensive elements is the roof.  When a roofing contractor is hired they are aware that it is their duty to protect the homeowner’s investment with proper installation as well as educating them on the basics of regular maintenance.  One of the biggest misconceptions is that once a new roof is installed you can be hands off as a homeowner.  Hiring a professional roofing contractor to do a thorough roof inspection and maintenance upkeep on the roof is vital for the longevity of your roof, at least once a year.

Asphalt is the most commonly used material in residential roofing.  In fact, not only is it the most common material for Michigan roofs, studies suggest that one in five homeowners throughout the United States.  Not only do asphalt shingles look nice when installed, they are easy to install on a number of different house styles and are durable throughout many different weather elements.

Even though asphalt roofs are known to take quite a bit of abuse damage can still occur.

Common damage to the roof includes:

  • Weather elements: sun, wind, hail, rain, and snow
  • Biological elements: algae, mold, leaves, twigs
  • Improper installation or faulty repairs

Even though your roof may look like it is in tip top shape there may be damage that that is unseen to the untrained eye.  Upkeep on the homes roof ensures that it is in proper condition to protect your home and family.  Inexpensive maintenance investments may keep expensive repairs down the road.  Once a year, twice preferred, it is important to have the shingle roof inspected and repaired as needed by a professional roofer.

Maintenance Of Your Roof

The first step in regular maintenance that needs to be done is general housekeeping, just as we would with the interior of our home.  Housekeeping on a roof includes cleaning the debris, leaves, and algae from the shingles.  As this process is done roofing contractors will pay special attention to the roofs skylights, vents, chimney flashing, ventilation, and more.  During this process it will be important to ensure that the debris is deposited appropriately and not left to enter the homes gutters.  Gutters must stay clear and free of debris to allow proper water flow away from the homes foundation.

After the roof has been cleared of debris it is time for the roofer to perform a detailed inspection of the roof.  They will be looking for issues that could spell trouble down the road.  Finding a roofer that will work with you year after year is important because they are familiar with your roof and will be able to catch differences faster than if switching contractors often.

Minor Repairs To Roof To Extend Life

After the roof has been cleaned and inspected it is time to repair any and all issues that have been found.  Common repairs include: replacing or repairing shingles, flashing, gutters, and downspouts.  The repairs done to keep up on your roof will help the longevity of your roof.  The money spent on roofing repairs is well spent.  Roof repairs are inexpensive in comparison to the installation of a new roof.

Last but not least is record keeping.  Homeowners and roofing professionals need to keep an updated log on maintenance and repairs on the roof.  These logs should include updated images of the roof in case there are questions during previous inspections.  It will be simpler to determine the amount of actual wear.

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