Choosing the Best Label for Your Packaging

Whether you have a small hobby business or run a large mega-conglomerate for household products, you need flexible packaging for your products. Labeling has changed a lot over the past decade. Gone are the days when a basic square label was printed and placed on the bottle or can. Perhaps the best labeling techniques today range between flexible packaging and shrink sleeve labeling. If you’re not entirely convinced, let’s explore the benefits of flexible packaging and shrink sleeves.

Options for Your Labels

You have two options when choosing the best label and packaging for your company’s products. One is to use your own graphic designs. It is ideal to hire a professional graphic designer to assist.  Many label manufacturers can offer you help with this aspect if you desire.  It’s important to know that there may be certain FDA requirements that you must fulfill on your label too, such as weight or volume, ingredients, calories and nutrition content, alcohol content, and food allergy warnings.


Besides using your own custom designs on labels, shrink sleeves are made from plastic and shrink to fit around the label or can while flexible packaging is used to hold the contents and label the product. They are versatile and suit a variety of product industries: food, health, beauty, and household.

Products Good For Shrink Sleeve Applications

If you have a line of drinks, beauty care line, health or nutritional care, or food products, flexible packaging may be the right choice for your brand and products These labels are applied with a shrink sleeve film that is applied with heat. The film shrinks and fits tightly to the shape of the bottle. It can fit a 360-degree space. All parts of the bottle will be fully utilized to complete the design.


These types of products are catching to the eye and will stand out from other similar products that have a label stuck on them. This type of shrink sleeve labeling is also 100% waterproof, which is perfect for placement in refrigerators or freezers. The labels won’t degrade over time, which is perfect for certain types of labels that must withstand cold or moisture.


Shrink sleeve labeling also can be in 100% full color, and include graphics, art, logos, and even photographs. The printing process involves an up to 8-color digital process that delivers eye-catching graphics.  The plastic used in this printing process is made from PETG film. It has the best shrinkable rate of accuracy. It’s also high-gloss and is scuff-resistant.

Advantages of Shrink Sleeve

This type of wrap is suitable for glass, plastic, and metal containers in a wide range of sizes. It can also cover caps. There can be horizontal, vertical, or T-perforation types of seals. These increase the security of the items and ensure the consumer that they haven’t been opened prior to consumption. Another great bonus is that not all your products have to be the same. You can have similar products in differing labels to make them stand out. This can be a great promotional tool when on the shelves.


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