5 Ways Aluminum Fencing Secures Your Swimming Pool

While having a swimming pool in the backyard is a wonderful addition to a home, not only for families to enjoy during hot summers, but to also increase the value of a property, this wonderful addition poses a variety of hazards. According to the National Swimming Pool Foundation, there are more than 200 reported accidental drownings each year, which why homeowners are implored to make swimming pool safety a priority, especially where there are unsupervised children and pets around the home.

A lot of weight has been placed on regulating and enforcing swimming pool fence requirements, which has saved many lives and ornamental aluminum pool fence is the most popular type of fence option particularly due to its durability and low maintenance properties.

  • Provides a sturdy connection

Aluminum pool fencing installation can be complete by homeowners looking for DYI and takes little to no time to put together, which begs the question; are aluminum fences sturdy enough that they won’t collapse? Is the fence loosely fitted and flimsy-looking?  Can a child or dog can knock it over? An aluminum pool fence requires surface mount posts or factory-welded flanges to mount it on after boring holes on the concrete around the swimming pool areas then re-cementing the poles. This installation process is what makes an aluminum swimming pool fence very strong and the best fence option to secure swimming pool areas.

  • Relatively conspicuous

When choosing a suitable fence for a swimming pool area, among the many things it should provide is visibility. Unlike other pool fence types such as vinyl or wood, an aluminum swimming pool fence is quite visible even in the dark and from afar.

  • Multiple applications

Choosing a fence for your property is a big decision and not only should you consider the security and aesthetics part, but a fence should also fit multiple functions. Aluminum fences are very strong and durable, and they fit in with any area and terrain.  This makes them ideal for homes or larger establishes to mark property lines and provide security.  Aluminum gates are also the best in that they come with self-closing and self-latching hardware making them

  • Design

Although an aluminum swimming pool fence has an open design, the spaces in between are small, which ensures that children or pets can’t squeeze between the poles to go into the pool area. The height of a swimming pool fence is equally important and a fence that’s being installed around a pool must meet with the state and local ordinances. Pool fences need to be high enough to keep people, especially kids, from climbing over and aluminum fences can be designed to meet the height safety requirements for a swimming pool fence.

  • Ground clearance and locking mechanism

The space between the bottom of a pool fence and the ground should be very small to keep children from crawling underneath or getting stuck in between. An aluminum pool gate should also be equipped with mechanically self-closing hinges and a reliable latch that automatically engages to secure your swimming pool area.

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