5 Things That Occur When You Wait Too Long to Replace Your Roof

It always starts out with a small problem. Maybe a small drip, a tiny hole, or minute cracks in the roof; they are often completely harmless and at the time are not a big deal. However, overtime these small signs can grown into large problems.  These small problems are signs that your roof requires some general repairs and maintenance.

Most people put off repairing their roof because it saves time and money in the short-term. If you neglect repairing your roof in the short term because you think it will save you money you may be surprised to learn that you’ll end up spending more than you would’ve if you had repaired your roof problem earlier. Local shingle roofing companies offer a free consultation on your homes roof and its needed repairs.

Here are 5 things that can happen if you neglect to contact a local roofing contractor to replace/repair your roof when you first notice the small things.

  1. Leaks and Water Damage

The first effect of disregarding your roof is that it may start leaking. Patches of wetness may show up on the roof and gradually down the walls. The paint inside of your home may start to peel. You may ignore these wet patches as nothing but overtime the situation worsens because the leaks expand, allowing more water to enter the crevices and softening the structure. These leaks can cause your roof to sag with the weight and may also destroy electrical wiring resulting in a fire hazard or short-circuit.

  1. Mold and Pests

Wet roofing and walls tend to cause mold to grow and spread. Once mold sets in, it is very hard to remove it. Moreover, it is very expensive to take care of. There may also be the added problem of pests starting to infest the roof. Rodents, insects, lizards and what not.

  1. Worker Safety

The more you delay on contracting a local roofing contractor to fix the roof, the more it’ll become dangerous for workers to work at the last minute. The mold and leaks may cause your ceiling to sag and not hold the extra weight. So, there may be the danger of the roof falling while the roofing contractors work. Moreover, breathing in all the mold for a long time can tire the workers and cause them headaches. The workers will be endangered.

  1. Increased Repair Cost

Because you neglected on repairing/replacing your roof earlier, what seemed as small issues become unignorable issues. If you have the issues fixed as soon as possible at an early stage, you won’t need to replace the whole roof. But if you did neglect on the small issues, later, you will have to spend much more than you would’ve to replace the roof. The longer you take to repair your roof, the more the costs increase.

  1. Health Problems

Because of the growing mold, it may contaminate the air your breath. The leaks may cause puddles and may cause you to slip as well. There is also the added danger of the roof collapsing on you or your family.

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