4 Things to Consider Before Remodeling to Age in Place

As we get older our needs around the house change.  Often something that you take for granted when younger may simpler not work for you when you’re over the age of 45 years old. There is a new term you may not be familiar with that is called “aging in place”. This means that you’re able to remodel your home so that you can stay where you are, even when you get older and may not be as mobile as you used to be. The goal of age in place construction and remodeling is to assist the senior person in staying in their home for a lifetime, rather than having to move into a care home.

In order to make a home safe for seniors there are four things to consider as you begin the process of remodeling to age in place.

Consider Location: Have you considered where you will live when you age?  If the answer is that you will be staying right where you are, it may be worth obtaining a quote to do age in place remodeling.  Your home may simply need a few upgrades or may need to consider an age in place construction of your entire home.

Safety First:  Your home should enable the senior to live safely.  This means that you need to eliminate the dangerous regions within the home.  Some ways in which this can be done is by improving the lighting throughout the home, grab bars installed besides tubs and toilets.  Age in place remodeling improvements will ensure the safety of the senior occupants of a home.

Independence: Seniors living on their own should be able to maintain their independence.  This involves cooking, taking care of their own personal hygiene, getting around, and so much more.  This may mean changing countertop heights, raising toilets, removing throw rugs, changing out door fixtures, and more.

Comfort:  Seniors aging in place should be able to live comfortable in their own home even when age in place remodeling construction has been completed.  The home should still resemble a home not a hospital.  When mobility issues are present ramps should be installed including outdoor handicap ramps to allow seniors to move about the property without trouble.

Each of these 4 factors should be taken into consideration when choosing age in place renovations to your home.  Age in place construction is predicted to increase as the number of seniors in the population over the next decade will require these types of modifications on their houses or condominiums.

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